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Full Moon in Gemini 11/27/23 1:17 am PST

A Full Moon Is a culmination, a fullness of an energetic cycle. We have the "opposing forces" of Sun and Moon to balance and something to potentially release, either through an emotional, physical or even psychological expression.

This event is about balancing the Sagittarius/Gemini axis, which is archetypally one of knowledge vs information, opinion vs data, thinking vs knowing. Sagittarius is all about the big picture, philosophical bedrock and meaning of it all and not necessarily the details.

Gemini wants all the input possible yet struggles sometimes with making sense or meaning of it or of making a decision or conclusion. What is correct or right can be confusing when we have too many options and opinions!

The “quality” of the lunation is illustrated by the Moon’s zodiacal signature and aspects or relationships with other planets. Now, the Moon is opposed to Mars as well as the Sun- we may desire to take action but not have all the facts yet about an ongoing situation in our life. Moon in Gemini also squares Saturn in Pisces, though our message of “freedom’ may feel correct, there may also be something off about a plan or idea, Saturn cautions to think it through now.

Astrological Mercury is Gemini’s planetary ruler and “disposits’ our lunation. Mercury is in Sagittarius, considered an impediment to its nature as its often “high minded” or righteous in expression. This combination is also square murky Neptune too, so honestly, we may be confused about communication and information- or just unable to achieve full resolution- yet.

At this full Moon know t’s ok to not have all the puzzle pieces in place, it’s ok to feel and intuit, as well as to balance facts and opinions with faith for the future.

The Sabian Symbol gives us further clues to the expression:


Keywords: Speaking one’s mind. Messages and news that awakes or shocks. The need for reform. Challenging outlooks. Breaking out of constraints. The media. Issues of propaganda. Headlines that promise more than they deliver. Revolutions. Social or emotional causes. Conspiracy theories. Printing presses. Publishing. Publicity. Gaining attention. Speaking one’s truth without fear of consequences. Fake or real news?

The Caution: Being argumentative. Arousing others for selfish reasons. Distortions of the truth. Misinformation and disinformation. Getting the whole picture wrong. Exploitation of situations. Overstating messages. Biased information. Old and outworn news.*

Enjoy your passage through life now and balance out any negatives with a little faith. We WILL get through this!



art by Holga Jen jensfineart

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