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Full Moon in Scorpio 4/23/24 4:49 pm PDT

Full Moon’s are always times of energetic expression, agitation, pressure and ripening. In the lunation cycle, this is the apex of building up, implying release or culmination.

Astrological Moon is instinctual behavior, collective and personal. Moon cycles can indicate timing of an emotional of psychological need or issue coming up or in to our “solar” awareness.

Typically, we will have a “crisis” at the Moon’s waxing square that can get either resolution or revelation at the Full. If you track the Moon’s cycles and especially where they fall in your Astrology, you can create a greater relationship with your instinctual self and map a deeper journey into your psyche.

Full Moon is 4 degrees of Scorpio and the Sun is 4 days in to Taurus season.

We may all still be reeling from the Eclipses combined with a rough Mars/Saturn conjunction, following with our epic Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. I don’t know about you, but sleep for me has been hard, with many dreams and a kind of electrical “Buzz” in the zeitgeist/collective that makes it really hard for me to relax. I know our Sun has also been at a cycle of Solar flares in the last period of time too, disturbing our Earth’s magnetic field.

The aspects to our Full Moon in deep, dark Scorpio can tell us more about what’s “popping up” in our lives. The most prominent is a square with our Moon’s ruler Pluto at 2 degrees Aquarius.

This can indicate a quality of time that is colored by an awareness of power imbalances in relationships, power struggles or even major fears over the horrors of the world, both within and without us.

Of course, it is important to stress that until we are willing to accept that there is what we call a darkness (or perhaps we should call it ignorance?) of the truth of who and what we are, (all spiritual beings of immense creative power, who are interconnected to each other and all that is) we shall remain in the dark.

As we navigate this instinctive ripening period, remember also Mercury will turn direct same day. To move forward, the Sabian Symbol for the Moon provides insight.


This Symbol often implies a relentless resistance to change, along with a strong and abiding endurance and ability to stay with things for a long time. It can show periodic feelings of being under emotional assault, like life is wearing you out or grinding you down. Perhaps the same old conversations, problems, issues keep coming up. Have faith in the fact that you are strong enough to resist and maintain – like the “Massive” shoreline, you have the ability to resist things that test or “Pound” you….

Love and compassion probably need to be employed, along with knowing when to allow change to happen and when to let go when things are no longer working.

Unchanging realities. The establishment. Being strong under assault. Feeling battered and bruised. Chinese water torture. Evolution. Endurance. Strength. Having strong muscles.

The Caution: Acting out of stubbornness which can lead to inertia, not growth. Tedious negotiations of all kinds. Shooting your self in the foot. Fighting the elements.*

I chose the I Ching Hexagram 5 “Hsu-Waiting or Patience” to further illustrate the Moon energy, This Hexagram implies also nourishment coming from waiting or patience in regards to a situation or problem. As my dear Mother used to say,

“Patience in and of itself is a Virtue Michelle!” and “This too shall pass my dear”

And don’t we all want to be virtuous, not in terms of chasteness but in terms of being our best, most evolved selves?

Well I know that I do, and I do continue to learn by and from the lessons given to me by life and reflected in the dance of cosmos and all our living nature.

The chart of the Full Moon asks;

What can you evolve or create with your resources? (Sun, Jupiter, Uranus and Taurus).

How can you utilize your positive ego self to courageously find/undertake a mission to make your life the best it can be for yourself and the world/others? (Venus/Chiron/Mercury/North Node in Aries)

Perhaps your dreams and insights can allow you to become a compassionate warrior of Love? (Mars/Neptune in Pisces)

Happy Full Moon.


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