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Happy Birthday Virgo! (it's my Mom's birthday today too)

The Greek Goddess Ceres (Roman name Demeter) is associated with the energy of the zodiac sign of Virgo. This is where the word “Cereal” comes from. She has long been associated with agriculture and all growing things, having had domain over the earth and its cycles. Our modern image of a Mother Nature crowned with flowers or a garland of wheat comes directly from this ancient goddess, and of course she has her counterpoint in mother goddesses from around the world.

I always thought of my Mom like this. She was the epitome of a natural Virgo Mother. Like many of her generation she was interested in health foods, and before whole grains and a plant based diet became mainstream and popular, they were her favorites.

As I grew up she frequented health food stores, always ate huge salads for dinner and incorporated lots of exotic fruits and vegetables into our meals. We were some of the few kids I knew who ate artichokes and broiled zucchini “boats” regularly for dinner. We drank herbal teas and enjoyed minimally processed foods. Mom also wore little to no makeup, favored natural fibers in her clothes and home furnishings and had an incredible green thumb. Like many homes in the 1970s, indoor plants, especially ferns, were extremely fashionable. In keeping, mother always had dozens of houseplants throughout our homes. Spider Plants,

Delicate Ferns and African Violets were her specialty. Like the earth goddess she was she instinctively knew how to keep her plants healthy and happy.

Mom’s magick was practical too, and there was always a grounded intent, a reason for her forays into connection with source. She visualized her future outcomes, meditated and used divination daily. As she raised her children as single mother, she used the I Ching for mundane or worldly advice- such as how to deal with money, the Rune Stones for spiritual development and the Tarot as an emotional or energetic mirror.

It’s interesting that The Hermit AND Magician cards of the Zodiac are connected to Virgo.

My mother was a studious, mostly solitary, practical and intellectual Astrologer too, learning and practicing both classical and modern transpersonal Astrological works.

As “otherworldly” as Mom’s Occult studies were, she always grounded them in usefulness. Years of Ouija board sessions were written down, questions about navigating daily life were asked, exercises and guided mediations were given, the point being improved consciousness and life skills. Spiritual understanding was brought down to earth, into one’s daily life to be used ritually and habitually.

Dealing with anxiety? Spiritual energy could be used to investigate and improve conditions. This included, Money, Health, Love- all the worldly concerns. Mom’s spiritual and intellectual work was to connect and harness “invisible” energies to improve her own life’s processes. Here is the perfect example of Neptune and the North Node of the Moon in Virgo. She used her Spiritual work as represented by Neptune and the South Node in Pisces in the rituals and duties of day to day life, the realm of Virgo and the 6th house.

Mom’s carefully cultivated and healthy grounded channels into developing independent personal connection with avenues of the “Mystery” in life was an incredible example and guide to me. She taught me the ability to both draw from and utilize the deep well of spiritual guidance available to us all. She also cherished her relationships. She listened to and trusted others, cared for her friends and family in service and deed. She understood the value of interdependence.*

I miss her so.....

excerpts from Virgo- Capricorn Rising an Astrological Life by me.

Art Collage of Mom by Bree Villaubi

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