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Happy Earth Day and Taurus Season 2021!

The Earth element sign of Taurus, the second sign of the Zodiac, ruled by the planet Venus, has dominion over the midpoint of Spring, a time of abundant sensuality, beauty and fertility in nature.

Taurus’s “mode” is fixed- that is the expression of the grounded and stable middle of a season. The qualities of the sign are measured, methodical and enduring in character.

Taurus’s color is Green and in Medical Astrology, has rulership over the Throat, Neck and Ears and as well the Thyroid. Flexibility of motion within these areas helps Taurus to stay balanced and keep flowing.

Venus is the planetary ruler of Taurus, as Mars was of Aries. Venus is also the brightest “star” visible in the night sky and its Astrological definition includes attraction and relatedness.

Venus and Taurus are considered to be astrologically “Feminine”, that is receptive rather than active. In the progression of our story and astrological lesson- we are now moving from the Masculine or Yang principle of Aries to the Feminine or Yin principle of Taurus.

Although the Hierophant in the Tarot is associated with Taurus and works with Taurus structured or fixed approach to life, I find the Empress Tarot card is a wonderful representative of Taurus’s feminine energy. A divine Goddess sits on a throne decorated with the glyph for Venus. She wears a crown of 12 stars, demonstrative of bright Venus’s “Star status” in the heavens. Her Gown features the Pomegranate, both invoking the myths of Ishtar/ Inanna and Persephone. These goddesses’ myths and worship also represent how the ancients connected the movements of the planet Venus in her appearance in the heavens.

Taurus placements in your Chart can bring physical beauty or a love for it, a gorgeous voice, and a knack or desire for money, real estate and the pleasures of the sensual world.

During Taurus season 2021, we have our Sun joining a newly born Evening Star Venus, Mercury and Uranus. At our ingress we also have this group as the focal point of a T square, which is a friction based major aspect with Saturn in Aquarius opposed to our Moon in Leo, squaring Uranus and Venus.

There are many “fixed” opinions in the collective that need to be balanced now with Venus’s energy of relatedness and harmony. We can also use Taurus energy of peace and groundedness to help heal the fiery and martial Aries season we have just navigated.

Get in nature, get sensual and harmonious. Let LOVE RULE!

Look at your own chart, where is your Taurus? Are you stubborn and less flexible there? What can you do to create more flexibility in this area of life?

How do you bring Taurus’s love of beauty into your life?

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Taurus by Joffra Bossshart

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