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Happy Equinox 2021!

The first day of Spring, the day of equal night and day is also 0 Degrees Aries, the very start of the Astrological year. The “birth” of our year begins, and we capture the energy in the ingress chart, which reflects the archetypes present in the next 12 months/signs of the Zodiac.

Unlike 2020’s difficult energetic pattern which was reflected in Sun conjoined with Chiron (illness/wounding) and square the Nodes of the Moon as well as Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn, 2021’s Spring Equinox Chart’s closest aspect is Sun conjoined with an exalted Venus in Pisces!

This is a major indication that the year’s themes and archetypes will be much lighter in tone than our last year of difficulty, death and sadness. We do still have Saturn and Uranus facing off and Chiron is still within an 8 degree orb, but all are way less powerful now and not aspecting our nodal axis. It’s likely we will though, have much to do to reconcile our past experiences and improve our future.

We have Jupiter on the ascendant in the chart set for March 20th in Washington DC at 5:38 am EDT, representing optimism and expansion.

The Moon, which represents the people in mundane charts is conjoined with the North Node and Mars in Gemini. This indicates that we MUST collectively focus on data, facts and what we see in front of us, rather than what we “believe” to be true. There are some experiences that can’t be “spun”. They are what they are, and subjective emotional responses, not based on data aren't helpful .

This is where the public needs to focus in 2021 for improvement. Objectively assessing the information and processes that create the experiences in front us and taking action (North Node and Mars in Gemini) to create fundamental changes, based on the data that create best case scenarios for the whole ( Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius.)

I think WE CAN build back, better.

2021 indicates the astrological weather to begin the process…



"waking-walking-singing-in the next dimension"

by Morris Graves

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