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Here Comes the Sun!

Welcome to Leo Season 2022!

It is the time of Leo, and for the next 30 days, our Sun in the Northern Hemisphere will move through the "Fixed Fire" Zodiacal Sign of Leo, signaling some of the the hottest weather periods of the year- as well as time for fun, play and summer vacationing. Leo natives will have a boost of energy, as the Sun travels to return to the degree present at the time of their birth, this is called a Solar Return.

In Astrology, Leo’s planetary ruler is our Sun, the “King” of our Solar System. All planets revolve around the King, and its life giving power creates and sustains our earth.

Symbolically, the Sun in Astrology is your own solar principle, representing the "wholeness" of YOU, that is your ego or "self."

Each of us has a subjective “I” sense of ourselves, as we all naturally express ourselves mostly like the Sun in a solar system. The outward world, with its relationships, people, places and things outside of ourselves- can seem like the planets orbiting our own consciousness.

The Tarot cards associated with the Solar sign of Leo are The Sun, which depicts a “divine child,” arms outstretched under a beaming Sun, and Strength, which shows a young woman with her hands placed lovingly on a Lion’s mouth, leading him with a chain of flowers. Both these cards symbolize the positive potential within this archetype to utilize strength and life’s power in positive and joyous ways.

The Sun in Astrology can also be explained as your “Hero’s Journey” or Archetypal life expression, which is the journey to wholeness you must discover and embody throughout life. This requires seeking all aspects of yourself and experiencing them in the light of awareness. Your Sun placement, the sign it is in, house and aspects it makes show the way.

The great depth psychologist and Sun in Leo native, Karl Jung, outlines a similar structure in his Individuation Process, which involves looking within to find all parts of ones innate, unconscious nature, beliefs and desires and operating systems, including negative impulses, and working on integrating and improving them with conscious awareness.

Jung was also a great proponent of Astrology and used its thousands of years of insight to direct some of his own great scientific work on the collective and individual unconscious.

Leo’s natural house in the chart wheel is the 5th- the area of life covering Creativity. It includes all things we are inspired to birth, including children, art and music, play, love affairs and other “heart centered” activities. In medical Astrology, Leo rules the physical heart too, an area of the body that most Leo Sun/ Rising people may have to be careful of and nourish with good habits over their lifetime.

Leo’s big lesson to learn is how to give time, energy or attention to others in a lovingly centered way. No strings attached, straight from the heart is best. When Leos do this, like their ruler the Sun, they radiate health and happiness, as well as gain the approval, love, attention and respect they crave so deeply.

Seek to find and be the light, the Sun in your own Solar System as well as to uncover the immense strength within you this Leo Season! Look to where Leo falls in your own Astrology for clues..



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