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Jupiter in Pisces- May 13th 2021-July 28th 2021.. A preview of light

“Magician Magician, take me upon your wings

And gently roll the clouds away

I’m sorry, so sorry, I have no incantations

Only words to help sweep me away”

-Lou Reed

Jupiter moves into it's second sign of rulership today, ushering in a short preview of what to expect in 2022 from our general zeitgeist. As Jupiter is about belief, justice and faith, we now have great focus on the archetypal themes of Pisces.

Expect a focus on the transpersonal, the spiritual and creative places of life. Of ambitions fulfilled by means of transcendence. Expect great works of Imagination and connection, beauty and idealistic form.

The Zodiac sign of Pisces itself is ruled jointly by Jupiter’s expansive, optimistic and faith-filled energy and Neptune’s oceanic realm of fantasy and spiritual redemption. Fittingly, Pisces’ symbol is two fish, swimming in opposite directions.

Whats impactful in our present Astrological nexus is we have BOTH Neptune and Jupiter home in their own sign, presenting a MASSIVE focus on the essence of the Piscean force. Expect mystical experiences, deep dreamtime and little to no boundaries.

Rather than try and swim against the tide, seek experiences where you can connect to and lose yourself a bit in the beauty and Magick in life. Know that truly we are all connected and there are no real boundaries.. through this you touch the essence of Pisces.

The 2021 ingress in early degrees of Pisces will give us clues on what to expect more of in 2022. Jupiter loves to expand and here it will be untethered- as it has not been in the last two years or so of Saturn influenced Capricorn and Aquarius.

Jupiter in Pisces is about being the light, a prism of focused energy, of sensing and embodying your soul and soulfulness, of dreaming your life into being... create and love, make art and play in this sexy and beautiful transit! Don't get bogged down into delusion, the shadow side of the shifting light..... and keep swimming through any emerging energy, remember, it's all in the process of becoming!

More soon


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