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New Moon/Solar Eclipse 7/12/18

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer Thursday 7/12/18 7:47 PDT

Happy New Moon!

Eclipse season is upon us as this New Moon/ Solar Eclipse will be followed by a Lunar Eclipse July 27th and another Solar (Full) on August 11th.

Eclipses symbolically correspond to a portal or threshold space for significant internal or external events. Solar Eclipses are when the Moon’s position obstructs the Sun’s solar rays on earth. This New Moon also happens to be in the sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon, making this even more potent. With a Solar Eclipse, expect that events of the future (Sun) will be impacted by our instinctual or emotional self/past (Moon). There are notes of destiny and purpose revealed too. Prepare for both endings AND re-births as new information and feelings are brought to light. Cancer’s karmic focus is illuminated. Families, our foundation and security both personally and collectively- there is a sense of deep purpose as we are witnessing something greatly important along these themes.

The Chart of our New Moon Solar Eclipse is exactly opposite Pluto too.

The dwarf planet Pluto in Astrology represents evolution through any means necessary, and Pluto in Capricorn has been destroying authoritarian structures (Capricorn) since 2008. This week something comes to a head in a long process of breakthroughs and fresh starts through loss.

Although we have an opposition, Both Cancer and Capricorn are the Zodiac’s “cosmic parents” and crave security and stability. Though many long-term structures may be changing now- in a long pattern of natural evolution, there is a feeling of nostalgia and longing regarding the stability of the past. Another interesting element in the chart of the eclipse is two Grand Trines, one in water and one in earth element. Trines are called “easy” planetary aspects. This mean the planets are in a supportive position to each other and essentially “ get along”.

Grand Trines can often function like a closed circuit, plugging away without any effort. They bring an element of helping energy to allow us to possibly see a “way out” of our dilemmas. However, Astrologer David Arner adds, “they can act like whirlpools. It is easy to get drawn into their energies and find yourself in patterns you did not necessarily plan to be in and thus cannot get out so easily.”

This New Moon try NOT to be complacent if you see a pattern of dysfunction in your life. Call upon your perceptive, intuitive and feeling nature (this is different to your instinctive emotional response) to inform your habits or disciplines that can evolve situations you may feel stuck in or want to change.

We also have many planets in retrograde this summer. Remember that retrograde periods CAN bring us the wonderful perspective of re-alignment with our inner self.

Rest and review how your thoughts become beliefs and these beliefs become habits-which then become your life!

This eclipse cycle we have a tremendous opportunity to begin to evolve by reviewing and potentially re-wiring our thoughts and responses to life’s challenges.

Here are some suggestions to transform around our eclipse from Shawn Achor’s The Happiness Advantage (via the Buffer Blog)

Scan daily for 3 positives. At the end of each day, make a list of three specific good things that happened that day and reflect on what caused them to happen. The good things could be anything — bumping into an old friend, a positive remark from someone at work, a pretty sunset. Celebrating small winsalso has a proven effect of powering motivation and igniting joy. As you record your good things daily, the better you will get and feel.

Give one shout-out to someone (daily). Take the positive things you’re getting better at recognizing and let people know you’ve noticed! Take a minute to say thanks or recognize someone for their efforts, from friends and family to people at work. A great way to go about this is by sending 1 daily email to someone. It can be your old school teacher, whose advice you are now appreciating every day, a co-worker or someone you’ve only met. Show courage and say thanks,

I love doing this and just checking in with a nice note.

Do something nice.  Acts of kindness boost happiness levels. Something as small and simple as making someone smile works. Pausing to do something thoughtful has the power to get you out of that negativity loop. You can do something that is small and concrete like buying someone a coffee. Put this on your to do list – have you done anything nice for someone today? I love this technique and it’s one of the most amazing ways to feel happier.

Let’s be the change we want to see in the world. Let this new moon show you the way!

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