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Samhain Scopes!

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Astro- inspiration by Sun Sign/Ascendant for the Witches New Year ahead!

Aries Born March 20 – April 19

You’re a feisty, fiery witch, probably following or leading your own eclectic path to personal enlightenment.

This Samhain season may bring some movement around your resources-think money and real estate, possessions that you own or share with others.

Full Moon in Aries on October 20th and your planetary ruler Mars both bumping up with Pluto activated and possible agitated. Allow yourself to receive guidance via communing with your ancestors or seek out a wise elder to assist.

Perform a spell utilizing the element of fire to attract more of what you desire, or for protection from unhealthy attachments around the New Moon of November 4th.

The Lunar and Solar eclipses of late 2021 (Nov 19 and Dec 4) bring even more need for you to break new ground when it comes to managing what you have, and what you owe. You can transform old paradigms now. Think deeply on what it is you truly want because you may get it, and then must deal with (the boring part) maintaining it!

Though the past year and a half may not have been as eventful or fun as you would like, 2022 is looking better due to Jupiter moving to Aries in May. Though it will dip in and out next year, it will also be the inspiration and light to guide your way into 2023 and a truly expanded future. Make sure to be selective with who is admitted to your inner/outer coven. The Wheel (of Fortune) is turning- as you let go of the past you can move more fluidly into the best version of your personal Magickal Life.

Taurus: Born April 19- May 20

Grounded and Sensual, Venus ruled Taurus is a nature baby. Experiencing the magick of the Earth through the five senses is key to accessing your fullest Witch Powers.

Celebrate Samhain season by incorporating smell, taste, and touch into your altar, or try holding a “Dumb Supper” for your deceased loved ones. Set a place for the spirits to come in and enjoy the essences of food and drink, as they slip through the thinning veil now.

Things may go bump in the ever-darkening night as Saturn in Aquarius moves to oppose your sign and square the Sun on Halloween Eve, activating yet again the “clash of the titans” theme of the year. Get out the salt and draw the line to keep out any uninvited guests or thought forms.

You’ve been hosting the “fire-bringer” and great awakener Uranus in your sign since 2018 and have some years to come. Its purpose is to offer freedom from anything in your life that has become stagnant. Thought it may have been disruptive, all the change or any inner discontent endured has a purpose- it’s here to disentangle you from that which does not serve you.

The North Node, or “head of the dragon” moves to your sign this November for an 18-month visit. A Lunar eclipse on November 19th introduces the energy. It’s all about re-building, rebranding yourself as standing in your true power, which is simply the deep and immortal connection with spirit, your gods and highest self.

Gemini: Born May 20- June 20

The Element of air is yours to command, as is the power of incantations. Conceive and create personalized spell work using chants, mantras, and verbal commands for powerful results.

This Samhain season begins with your planetary ruler Mercury stationing direct (after a rough retrograde in your creative sector) on October 18th and then squaring off with Dark Lord Pluto November 2nd.

Make sure to meditate on any issues that arise around polarized communication. Insights can come from your inner guides. Connect to helpful spirits or ancestors by practicing automatic or intuitive writing. Important messages move through dimensions to reach you.

For more than a year you’ve had Solar and Lunar eclipses in your sign, bringing new beginnings as well as a changing environment to deal with.

A Solar Eclipse December 3rd culminates this cycle and forges a new path regarding partners and partnerships and a Full Moon in your sign 2 weeks later on the 18th is supportive and creative.

Expansive energy illuminates your place of vocation and status in 2022, so get ready for multiple opportunities to reveal your Magickal abilities to bigger audiences.

Cancer: Born June 20- July 21

A natural water witch, you may feel most comfortable worshiping the Gods/Goddess at sacred springs, the ocean or lake settings. Ruled by the Moon, regular Moon watching, or spell work done at key lunation periods will bring you the most effective magickal returns.

Astrological Cancer embodies the archetype of the Divine Mother Goddess and cares deeply about home and family. This Samhain season consider celebrating or researching the Mexican practice of “Día de Los Muertos” which involves visiting cemeteries to tend and decorate the graves of ancestors, offering food and drink. Sweet treats in the shapes of skulls called “calaveras” or sugar skulls can be created as “offrendas” on altars to the deceased or given as gifts to children or family members.

Astrologically 2021 and 2022 are less eventful for your sign than 2020, however the energy ramped up in October of this year when the Sun, Mars, and Intense Pluto squared your sign. The Full Moon October 20th brings energy and visibility to your career or latest direction. Keep flowing and utilizing your abundant intuition this year and next, as you suddenly find yourself surrounded by a wonderful new group of like-minded souls.

Leo- Born July 22 - August 21

Leo witches are the Rock stars of their coven, performing their Ritual work in dramatic and creative fashion. Samhain is one of the four cross quarter Fire Festivals in the pagan new year and fire is your element!

For the Celtic peoples of Europe, Samhain, as the beginning of the New Year and dark time of the Sun, was a time of great solemnity, as they extinguished and then ceremoniously re-lit their hearth fires from the fire of a King, or Chief Druid. This season, celebrate this time by generously hosting your own holiday party, where you offer your guests candles that you have blessed or purified. This generosity energetically amplifies your glamour and leadership abilities.

2021’s Uranus and Saturn square, which has been in play all year, has been stormy. Halloween eve we get another taste of the drama. November is also intense with a New Moon on the 4th and a Lunar Eclipse the 27th emphasizing the clash between the compromise of partnerships and exhilaration of independence and new beginnings. Keep your cool.

2022 continues the theme of focusing on your direction, your status and vocation. Reach for the stars now. Magick has been defined as “ the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity to will.” Your will is strong as you continue to exude your special charm and create your future.

Virgo: Born August 22 -September 21

You’re an uber-practical witch, probably organizing her spells in a grimoire, with a well-stocked Apothecary of plant medicine and library of Magickal herbalism tomes.

The Rosemary plant has long been associated with remembrance and is ideal for use in your Magickal Samhain altar, which recognizes the thinning of the veil between worlds and honors and remembers our beloved deceased. Burn the dried herb as an incense to purify energy or hang bundles on your front and back door to keep negative people, energy, or illness out of your sacred space. In addition, the branches and berries of the Rowan keep ill-intentioned spirits from interfering with your magick or entering your home. Place on or around doors and windows. Indeed, the Rowan is a true witch’s friend- as the berries, when split in half reveal a small pentagram!

Eclipses this year may have brought change to your home or family life, or maybe you had to sacrifice one for the other. The New Moon in Virgo of September 6th offered some unexpected news, and Neptune made things nebulous and changeable again. The Solar Eclipse of December 3rd brings a fresh start at home. Have the courage to ask for any help you need.

In 2022 it’s all about partnerships. You witnessed the call to action in early summer, but by the beginning of April, when Neptune and Jupiter align, you will find the potential for a powerful spiritual experience through or with a partner. Love is a very high vibration, and one you can use for all manner of healing work.

Libra: Born September 22- October 21

Beauty and Glamour are some of the Libra witches’ gifts, as you express your prodigious Venusian powers through adorning yourself, your home and altar with gorgeous fashions and well-crafted and artistic objects.

A wonderful activity to try for Samhain is to construct and decorate a “spirit house”. This is a small house or temple used in many cultures in Southeast Asia that invites chosen protective deities or ancestral spirits to dwell. Your innate ability to create sacred space allows you to design environments that transcend the dimensions and allow other souls to cohabitate harmoniously.

As Samhain season begins, we leave behind some challenging Astrological energies that may have blocked you from moving forward and move into a time to focus on your personal and shared resources. Creating a financial plan to increase your income or applying for a loan or mortgage is a focus of the New Year.

Libra’s dharma is always to work in harmony with others so allow yourself to ask for and receive assistance from partners. Develop patience, as Saturn will beam support over the long term in 2022 and Jupiter may also bring you the Higher Love you long for!

Scorpio: Born October 22- November 20

Samhain season is yours Scorpio! This is your Solar Return time, and your energy and power are at its zenith. Your deep, watery powers of depth and magnetism, and ability to perceive the otherworlds are in high demand now. You may have a constant waiting list of clients wanting you to dig into their Akashic records, speak to their ancestors through you, or provide divination for the coming year.

Because you’re probably working hard, take some time for yourself and do a classic fire purification ceremony, and afterwards a magickal bath, carefully incorporating herbs such as Mugwort, Mullein, Marshmallow Root and Marigold to increase your Psychic powers.

The great energies of Saturn and Uranus, and their clash throughout this year was definitely apparent to you. Partners and Family members may have been changeable and difficult.

Connect to your inner guides for guidance, especially around the Lunar Eclipse of November 19th where partnering issues could arise again. In 2022, as the South Node settles in Scorpio you learn more to release old scores and settle into a deeper strength engendered by healthily letting go of all the burdens you don’t really have to carry any more. Jupiter supports the expansion and allows a glimmer of peace.

Sagittarius: Born November 21- December 20

Sag Witches love to fly high on their “broomsticks” of thought and spirit. This is an inspired and adapting Zodiac sign, all afire in the delight of experiencing unending vistas of experience and knowledge available through the realms of time and space.

Taking an expansive “trip” (literally or metamorphically through trance etc.) during Samhain Season, or before the Winter Solstice is the perfect activity for Sagittarius who may have been slightly struck in the last year and a half with deep changes. Travel, especially to foreign or unknown lands thrill them the most and during their own Solar Return, doing so can provide the fuel of inspiration for the year to come.

Fortunately, the Solar eclipse of December 3rd is the last eclipse in your sign till 2029. Take this weekend to meditate on what you have left behind in the last 18 months, then focus on what you are ready to receive and build in the coming year.

Continue your “grail quest” Sag, as 2022 holds the promise of an expanded foundation, when your planetary ruler Jupiter moves to Pisces and provides the potential of joy and contentment in the deepest part of your life.

Capricorn: Born December 21-January 20

Capricorn is a Boss Witch, an Elder in the circle or an experienced High Priestess of the Coven. Regardless of age, this child of Saturn seeks responsibility and to preserve the wisdom of ages. Worshipping in ancient temples or directly in Nature’s places of power on or near mountains heightens their powers and abilities. Capricorn’s love all things old, and during Samhain season naturally gravitate towards cemeteries. Along with the many busy rituals of the time, visiting an old graveyard to clean, tend to the land or just visit the graves of the dead can be a fitting and fulfilling activity of reverence.

October’s Astrology brought a Full Moon ten days or so before Samhain which may have brought up issues around home, family or security. Use the Moon’s light to guide your wisdom, as it reveals a new landscape. November’s new Moon on the 4th is a little rough as it opposes Uranus, revealing cracks in relations with friends, children, and lovers. Continue to act, managing money and income responsibly as Saturn is visiting your place of earned resources for yet another year. Remember Saturn always rewards the committed.

Good news is that much pressure continues to be off you personally as you move past the groundbreaking years of 2020, 2021 into 2022. Pluto has only another year in your sign, and the power and growth you’ve accumulated will continue to guide you into the future.

Aquarius: Born January 20- February 18

Aquarius Witches are masters of energetic wavelengths. Utilizing their powers of tuning into frequencies, they can manipulate the subtle flows or auric bodies of themselves and others with a wave of their hands! Technology and the use of wands or quartz crystals in their spell work helps to concentrate and focus their intent.

This Samhain consider doing some energetic land clearing or purification rituals around your home and altar. Clearing, then focusing and solidifying goals and plans with ritual is important, as your sign’s traditional ruler Saturn moves through your sign until 2023.

Much progress can be made in any work you are doing now, as Saturn’s energy initiates you into a higher order of being. As Aquarians typically enjoy freedom of all kinds, the clash between your Modern (Uranus) and Traditional ( Saturn) rulers means you won’t always get what you want quickly. However, progress is assured when you allow each planet a turn to express the “dignity” of their difference.

This Samhain eve can be wild, as Sun and Mars in Scorpio bump into Saturn in Aquarius the 30th

Fortunately, Mercury assists communication of any unstable energy as Uranus opposes the new Moon November 4th. Jupiter is direct in your sign now, giving you the go ahead to build your future. 2022 can be fertile ground to lay the foundation for many years to come.

Pisces: Born February 19- March 20

Dreamy Pisces Witches beguile us with their otherworldly sensitives and psychic knowing. They are in constant contact with a host of spirits, guides, deities, and other multi- dimensional friends.

Pisces can almost always detect the essence of ancestors in haunted homes, connect to higher realms through trance and empathically “feel” the vibrations and emotions of others.

During the thinning veil time of Samhain, reading the Tarot, tea leaves or crystal ball gazing gives a deeper structure to their visions.

Pisces most of all “believes” and this is part of their magick, as this belief becomes the energetic thread that spins their thoughts into manifestation. A caution is to not let their beliefs become wholly ungrounded or lacking in boundaries between themselves and others.

The nodes of the Moon have been pointing to changes in Pisces career and home life for the last year and a half. After the Solar eclipse of December 3rd things will finally settle and solidify.

2022 promises to be a year of beautiful expansion as Pisces traditional ruler Jupiter moves into the sign, joining its modern counterpart Neptune and conjoining April 8, 2022.

"Samhain" by Bonny Hut

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