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My readings are customized for YOU.

We start with where you are NOW and work our way into

challenges and opportunities present in the current

and upcoming planetary transits. 

Birth chart Reading


1.5 hours  / $150

I like to call your Birth Chart a "Psycho-Spiritual DNA". It's essentially a chart of the Planets of the solar system (and beyond) as seen from the latitude and longitude of the place and time you were born. But It is also a map of the building blocks of your instinctive personality traits as well as an unfolding of events that hold the promise of evolution through the growth of your own consciousness. It's heavy stuff that provides a lot of information and meaning on the "Whys" of your experiences.​

No matter how much self knowledge we have, or understanding of our own awareness, there are so many questions about making meaning of the events and experiences we have had in our lives. Astrology provides a lot of guidance, even in the mystery of it's mechanism. A Full Birth Chart Reading goes into your whole being, charting your life events and the archetypal energies you present as a result of them. We discuss how you can identify and direct your instinctual responses as well as inhabit the highest qualities of them. In addition we discuss the current planetary energies  (Transits) and the Progressed Chart, which shows your inner growth and focus as it changes throughout your life.

You receive a digital recording as well as follow up via email too! 

Relationship Reading



1 hour + /   $150

A Relationship Reading involves two parties and can be love, business partners, family etc. The idea is to see the individuals interactions, purpose and motive. There are several charts done including Individual, Synastry (how each individual "affects" the other) and Composite, which is a Chart combining the individuals and which symbolizes the overall purpose of the union. It's fascinating stuff and highly detailed. Ideally I like to have both parties present for these readings, but can make some exceptions.  

yearly Transit Reading


1 hour  /   $99

Here is where we just discuss the NOW.  We go into what's happening currently in your life, what is coming up energetically and how to best meet these energies for maximum flow and wellness. As my focus is on well ness and healing, we will discuss the best ways to accomplish this amongst the ever moving cycle of energy around you. Synergistic modalities are used, including Tarot, Numerology, I Ching, Runes, Reiki etc. 

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