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2019 Astro Forecast By Sign

Happy New Year Loves! My gift to you is this overview forecast which you can read by Sun and Ascendant. 2019 is shaping up to be definitely less intense than the previous several, with more forward motion and optimism, even as long term themes of de-construction of power structures, collective ideals and beliefs continue. Our Solar System’s Planets are mostly all direct at the onset on the year, with Uranus turning on Jan 6, (the same day as our first eclipse in the Capricorn/Cancer cycle) bringing forward motion then to every planet until March. BONUS-Mars and Venus will NOT retrograde in 2019- making all relationships (even the ones with ourselves) a little easier. The first 3-4 months of the year are fantastic for setting goals and creating a structure in which to accomplish them. No revisions needed till late Spring... This is notable as summer of 2018 had almost every planet IN retrograde.. so this is VERY different energy. Jupiter in it’s home sign of Sagittarius until December brings hope and optimism to a long term cycle of change and Saturn and Neptune (also at home in Capricorn and Pisces) fuel this positivity with vision and structures that last and fulfill long cherished creative dreams. As Jupiter directly aspects Neptune by square, its essential you look at your illusions as well as ideals. This year you can let go of any that aren’t truly tangible....leaving room for those goals that ARE. The meaning of a cycle becomes apparent in it’s last quarter, and we are moving into a time where we will see the purpose behind much of the tumult within our collective. I know I can’t wait myself! As per your request I have broken up your forecast by segments: Your Expression, which includes how you personally express your personality, money and communication. Your Foundation, which includes your home base and family, your self esteem and your health and every day habits. Your Relationships, this covers one on one romantics and friends as well as resources you share with your partners. Your Goals and direction, which covers how you are setting and achieving your career and status goals. Your Inner Life and Spiritual self, this is your opportunity to expand or deepen your intuitive and insightful self..

Read on for key energies present in the cosmos, remember that you have the free will to experience the greatest aspects of these. Focus on your desire around themes present, know your ability to become this desire as you hold space for what you appreciate and are grateful for. We are moving into a space that is powerfully creative. It’s essential to remember you are a co creator with the Universe of your experience! If you want more personal detail and depth check my bio to get a 2019 Transit Reading with Me!

Aries Your Expression: Chiron will return to Aries in February, so you are heading for an opportunity to confront and heal your core wounding. Self Care is the Key to unlocking what is holding you back. You must stand up for your own needs. No one but you can give yourself permission to fully express yourself and live your best life. Fortunately, your Ruler Mars is motivating your vision quest and you have the ability to kick ass, take names, make money and learn new skills in 2019. Integrate for best results. Your Foundation: The eclipse season of Jan and July directly affect your core. It’s time for changes with your home and family. You know it, so go with the flow. Stay centered .. this change is good and long needed. Health is better, especially if you improve your diet with healthy, non processed foods. Your Relationships: Relationships are affected by your choices this year, but it is positive, and there isn’t a huge destructive element. This year it’s about YOU. Your Goals: Saturn joins Pluto in your career/direction place. You may have experienced changes in your career or status, this year it is time to vision, learn and rebuild this area with intention and hard work. By years end you will have the rewards! Your Inner Life: Spending time alone in contemplation is not Aries “forte”.. yet you have found this exercise to be fulfilling of late. The more you work on a connection to source, through meditation, prayer or ritual the more you can create a pathway to your intuitive gifts.. Just DO It! Tarot Guidance 6 of Crystals: This is a call to integrate and synthesize any confusion you have had about taking action. From what you may see as chaos, comes deep creativity and insight. Allow yourself the freedom to choose and be inspired by it all.

Taurus Your Expression: You are changing, and this is becoming more and more apparent. This year you will see again that change IS necessary for your liberation. You like nothing more than to stay, yet it is time to go your own way..this year you will heed the call to become more authentic. As you do, Stay centered and calm this summer with an eclipse in your communication area. Your Foundation: You have had a tough time with home and family last year, due to the eclipses, this year the situation is way less tense and you can move forward finally. Money will also improve for you, especially in the form of support or bonuses. Health is stable if you balance your food, more portion control and relaxing exercise like Tai Chai or Yoga. Your Relationships: Venus direct in your partnership place at the start of the year continues the theme of your desire to improve your connections. Mars continues the party later in the year, getting you off your a%@ to make it happen. Jupiter beams sexy vibes if you allow intimacy to happen! Your Direction: Perseverance will be rewarded by years end, as Venus attracts to you your desires in regards to your vocation. It’s likely you will be seen in ways your haven’t before. Allow yourself to be transformed and expanded. Your friends support you. Your Inner Life: You are determined to make changes and the enthusiasm and energy you bring to seeding your dreams is successful. Use this fiery energy to catapult yourself into new life! Tarot Guidance 6 of Worlds - Combining elements creates Synergy, which is your key to accessing the power to succeed this year. Utilize new people, new ideas or new combinations in your endeavors and fund the power to win!

Gemini Your Expression: You want to express yourself deeply and communicate authentically this year -especially with those that are important to you. You get energy from Jupiter, and are encouraged by friendships and partners to speak your truth. Your Foundation: Things are quieter with home, family and your inner sense of self. There may be some changes around money- you can bring in more even as other sources dry up. No need for worry, focus on what you WANT to manifest. Write yourself a check and put it in your wallet! Your Relationships: This is where you get the goodies. Marriages, partnerships of all kinds improve AND it may be your partner is bringing you gifts, money or just more optimism! Meditation and energy work like Reiki help calm any health issues. Your Direction: More and more you are beginning to live your ideals. This continues in 2019, when you will see further proof of how magical you are. The key to living a vital, exciting life is embracing hope, charity and a spiritual connection. You get more clues as to your path this year. Your Inner Life: 2019 is a year of deep insights and illuminations which will continue into 2020. You get “downloads” on what is next if you listen. Create a sustainable journal practice to ensure you aren’t missing a moment of inner guidance. Tarot Guidance 5 of Wands: Any Oppression you may or have experienced is caused by the mind. Realize that you have the power to appreciate everything through the minds duality. All things have value.

Cancer Your Expression: Portals open and close in 2019. Anything that needs improvement in your personal self expression can be improved. Have you always wanted to be kinder, more active, or outgoing? Whatever it may be, the opportunity is there. Eclipses in Cancer/Capricorn bring up the polarity between YOU and ME.. how can you balance your need for the freedom to be who you are with the need to care and give to others? You will find clues this year. Your Foundation: You have the energy and means to get shit done early in this year around your home, as well as within family relationships. You are settling down a bit, and the insights come in your ability to cultivate more joy in your life and become more creative. This fuels your self esteem deeply. Health is much improved in 2019, fueling optimism. Just be sure not to celebrate too heavily! Your Relationships: For 10 years you have hosted Pluto in your place of Relationships, transforming how you connect. Saturn joins now, making you able to solidify your partnerships and become more stable here. By years end you celebrate the love you have created! Your Direction: Look up and see what you want. Which is self autonomy and authority. As gentle as you are, you must integrate your warrior nature to find fulfillment in career. It’s time to see this and come to terms with it. Your Inner Life: 2019 will deepen your confidence in your self worth and intuitions. You are very empathic as well. Use these gifts as you continue your spiritual expansion. Tarot Guidance Sage of Cups : Allowing your emotions to flow and riding the waves of this flow is the most elevated way to express the energy of the year. Emotional wisdom.

Leo Your Expression: 2018 was tumultuous. People and situations came and went and new doors opened, as old ones closed. This year is a much quieter one for you, though still enthusiastic, and includes one last lunar eclipse in your sign Jan 21st. Jupiter helps you -beaming joy into your home base house of creativity and fun. This is THE year to create... art, babies, new careers and more. Your Foundation: As the new year begins you are energized at home, enjoying your space and possibly family.. by years end you may have to put out some money or other forms of energy here, but for now you are receiving. Health can be good if you practice discipline- this is key to accomplishing your health goals. Every day exercise, healthy eating habits and positive mindset. All three are necessary. Your Relationships: You hosted Mars in Retrograde for much of 2018. Letting go of past relationships and your anger and disappointment were themes. Now, it is time to open to receive. Tip your cup and remain empty while it is being filled with your desires. Your Direction: Career is changing. It may begin this year, this ability to transform the revolution coming. Don’t give up your soul to gain “ the world”. You can have it all if you find your deepest integrity. Your Inner Life: Deep down the Lion is very tender and needs support. Instead of looking outwards, the best way to find sustainable self esteem is through looking in. Work on mindfulness meditation, or other forms of stillness. Tarot Guidance 2 of Wands: Purity and Stillness are necessary as you make choices this year. There will be a gateway present to a new future, and two paths. Take the “right” one...

Virgo Your Expression: This is an amazing year for you.. you find a way to be more authentic and expressive through the security of expanding your foundation. This opening can create confidence and a much more radiant you in 2019. Your Foundation: You may move or expand your family in the next 12 months. This is the key to making necessary changes to improve your health as well. Long term energies may have eroded your creative life or joy, so this change will be much appreciated. Do not worry, all is unfolding with intelligence and intent. Your Relationships: Neptune here brings your hearts desire as well as a sacrifice. Partners can be both... the key here is to flow and not take responsibility for another’s action. Virgo wants to control, the key is to just accept, even as you put boundaries around what you will put up with! Your Direction: The lucky expansion of your home base beams straight up to your direction. This changes everything. Moving your energy creates fissures in the time/ space continuum.... Your Inner Self: You may have received blows to your faith in the last year and a half, now is the time to integrate and also continue to remain positive. You will see results and believe if you do.. Tarot Guidance 4 of Cups : Expression of ALL emotions is wisdom here. Anger and Sadness with Joy ... we can use all these as fuel for our healthy lives. Allow your emotions to flow and re-vitality your core.

Libra Your Expression: There has been a long term energy of transformation coming from your foundation place in the chart, that has been directly affecting how you move through the world. Alternately changing moods, from outgoing to insular- you haven’t been able to create the perfect you yet, and that is frustrating! Know that this year, you should finally be able to build a more sustainable core of self esteem and confidence. Money too will improve, as will your ability to communicate your ideas creatively. Your Foundation: Where you come from- home, family, ancestors your “place” .. this area has been highlighted for a makeover for almost a decade. You may have insight this year on how to exactly build yourself a more stable core and this will improve your health, joy and creative self! Get ready for change and allow doors to open as others close this year. Your wellness improves as you open yourself to deeper awareness of your instinctual self/responses. Your Relationships: This year Chiron will move forward in your partnership place, highlighting ways in which you can begin to address imbalances in your current intimate connections, or alternately heal past toxic relationships. Take a leap and dig in, with therapies or self awareness techniques to improve your intimacy and communication skills. Your Direction: Changes are coming with career and home... and this is a GOOD thing! Let them- as you will see this year where you want to and don’t want to be! January and July bring serious clues as well as forces to make change! Your Inner Life: Bring yourself to let go of obsessions or worry around ensuring everything is perfect. Breath Work , Meditation and relaxation are in order. Work on developing your intuition, creating positive affirmations around what you need to let go of. Tarot Guidance 6 of Worlds : Synergy is the name of the game for 2019. Combining elements creates something greater for you this year. New ideas, new directions and alliances boost your ability to gain satisfaction and growth. Keep trust and faith as you leap!

Scorpio Your Expression: Last year was INTENSE. Though no stranger to intensity, this could have brought some surprises. Jupiter blew up anything that needed to come out, be let go of, etc. It’s REALLY good stuff even if if it was hard. You get the idea that you CAN live your best life and the support comes with money or other resources flowing in 2019. Sit back and reap. Your Foundation: Last years eclipse cycles changed your home/direction place. You thought you were going this way.. and suddenly may have been turned around. Doors were closed and opened and you had to see that your true home/worth/ foundation is within, not without. This is is a gift you will always have- this year you can take that to the bank- I promise. Jan 6th the new moon will highlight the way. Your health is tied in to your cultivation of self care. You MUST take control of your well being with the fervency of a warrior. Your Relationships: All things must change and your Relationships too! Life doesn’t grow in a vacuum. Breathe fresh energy into how you see your intimates. Appreciate them, let them illuminate you and you can revolutionize how you relate this year. Your Direction: The rocking changes of the past year may have catapulted you into a new place, and you are where your soul wants you to be now. Expect way more peace in your career and the ability to learn new skills, travel or otherwise expand your knowledge in 2019, Mars in your sign at years end funds this power. Your Inner Self: Work on balancing your intense focus with some relaxation techniques this year. Lighten up with breath work, dance or yoga. This connects you to the need to channel your energy to flow and be light as well as deep and fertile. Tarot Guidance Sage of Worlds: You have incarnated to be a bad ass. You are multitudes and you know it. You fund the ability to master your goals and hold power this year. DO IT!

Sagittarius Your Expression: Your nature is free, expansive and adventurous. The last several years have left you reeling from constriction. Now, the bridle and saddles are off and you can roam the fields at your leisure! ( can’t help the horse analogy lol) your ruler Jupiter has come home after 12 long years. It’s Go time!! Your Foundation: Slippery Neptune shimmers from your place of home, causing your living situation and connection to family to be in a state of flux. Don’t give in to martyrdom in these places, but take the gifts of insight you get from anything tough, to heart. Messages come in from your depths to illuminate. Listen. Then make changes! Health is improved and you can start a powerful new regime this year. Your Relationships: With YOU feeling better about yourself and your prospects, all things improve- especially intimacy. There is an opportunity for insight into your own ability to receive from your partners, including trust and respect! Open to this now. Your Direction: You are tough on yourself here, as free as you are. Relax, this is the year things come and they don’t have to be perfect. As you breathe a sigh of relief you can better discriminate and set some boundaries at work and with your goals. It’s all happening!! Your Inner Life: This has been profoundly improved over the last year, with much soul searching and probably some anguish. Now, you can relax. Set a goal to meditate or dream journal this year, even if it is occasionally. You can find great insight and a deeper sense of satisfaction from this connection to your soul’s experience. Tarot Guidance The Universe: As the last card in the Major Arcana, this card counsels that we each are powerful creators of our experiences, and that we are “ all together, turning” and expanding, just as the Universe is. Your have reached a pinnacle and you will see your creative powers this year.

Capricorn: Your Expression: Honestly, the Universe has been kicking your ass for years. I know it, cause I am a double Capricorn myself. Initiation by fire, ritual dismemberment, etc. BUT, the good news is- Saturn is coming in to show you the way back to your center, which is of course tough and stable AND you are getting glimmers of your own expansion, which is coming at the end of the year! As doors close and open this year, you see that finally all the tough love, tin can eating or whatever you have done to pull yourself up has done it’s work, and you find yourself up and out of the tunnel!! Your Foundation: There is something at the core of yourself you need to address. It may be your family of origin kinda sucks, your alter ego is Debbie Downer or something of the sort. What I am getting at, is that THIS IS NOT WHO YOU ARE. You are an immortal spiritual being having incarnated into this earthly experience. Cast Off the whispers of your past. F@#$ them if they don’t like it. This is the time to be FOR YOURSELF. Your Relationships: Eclipses in January and July open your eyes to who you are to and for yourself and others. See yourself truly, without hungry need for approval. You can make a serious breakthrough this year and potentially have the relationship/life of your dreams. Your Direction: Last year opened a door to something you can really develop in 2019 and 2020. A new career, vocation or expression. Community or friends supported this. This year will refine the idea, make to better or just grow it. Get ready to manifest this and allow yourself time to dream. You will reap later in the year if you roll with the changes earlier. Your Inner Life: It’s really all about your subconscious self this year, in a cocoon like process before your coming out party year of 2020. Ideas and hints of brilliance come from dreams and meditations. ANY therapeutic models you employ this year will help immensely and prepare you for new role as Master of the Universe in 2020. Tarot Guidance Empress: The Empress is the creative principal of the Universe in its fullest fertility. To receive her is our greatest gift and honor. All things are possible in the sense that we contain them. To participate in this mystery of creation is the Key.

Aquarius Your Expression: Mars spent MONTHS retrograde in Aquarius in 2018, forcing you to dig in the dirt and deal with repressed anger, hurt, disappointment etc. It wasn’t easy and it is over this year. Venus brings more fun and optimism to your artistic self the latter part of the year and no more eclipses rocking and shocking you. Peaceful water flows from your inner self again. You get glimmers into how your emotions and mindset just MIGHT be a source of your wellness and make adjustments. Good Call! Your Foundation: Much of the source of your pain and issues comes from this place, where you came from, the foundation of your being. The s$#@ that came up last year really pointed the way to healing it. You can TRANSFORM your core this year and into the next with awareness. “Let go or be dragged” is a theme. It is OK to be free of the things that drag you down. Make this a priority and you will WIN in 2019. Your Relationships: So continues the theme of 2018 being SUPER intense here with people coming and going in your life. As mentioned, this year it is much easier less rocky and definitely improved. Venus brings you sexy vibes, making lovers appear in the later part of the year that want to stay around. You are inclined to let them. Before this, work on cultivating peace. Your Direction: You have an attracting quality as the year starts making your very visible to higher ups and its a good time to look for new prospects in your career or ask for a raise. If you don’t get one early on, the last months of 2019 will bring you the energy to kick some ass and your dreams a reality. This year is more for flowing than breaking through though. This is coming in 2020. Hang on. Your Inner Life: You may have had to deal with depression, feelings of alternating pessimism or simply that “ life is tough” lately. It’s kind of always an issue but more so the last year. You can CHANGE this tendency by changing your mind. Therapy, mindfulness, affirmation or even hypnosis and NLP can help. This is the time to train your inner “ body” as well as you do your outer. If you do you will win! Tarot Guidance Woman of Worlds: To nurture and preserve our way of life on earth we must create sustainable practices of receiving and giving back to her. You can take this idea into your entire life this year by cultivating this process in all that you do. Take and Give in a cycle of balance and respect.

Pisces Your Expression: Ahhh sweet Pisces. Your Ruler Neptune has had a long term plan to make you EVEN MORE spiritual, sweet, artistic, dreamy, visionary and compassionate. Now, how does that stand up to this crazy, survival of the fittest, capitalist dream of modern life? Well, we are learning now to see .. You bring beauty, inspiration and kindness where it is missing. Pat yourself on the back for that. You’re deeply needed, even if you cant pay the rent. Lucky Jupiter is shining in the top of your chart. You get the recognition you deserve this year and it puts a smile on your otherworldly face. You feel better as result too! Your Foundation: It’s ok to have two things going, jobs, artistic endeavor etc. IN fact it’s good for you. If you do this you can dance in the “world” and “ cosmos” at the same time! So cultivate a hobby with a job, play and work etc. You will see a LOT better about yourself I promise!!! Your Relationships: Thankfully the goodies I see for you in the recognition/status realm are directly related to your relationships. They beam back and forth bringing you the sacred reflection of yourself you so needed to see! It’s good stuff Your Direction: Jupiter BABY! Shoot, will you become famous? Get Married? Or simply be recognized in your own little space for who you are and what you do? It’s your 15 minutes Pisces. Be “ Close Up” ready all year! We are watching you! Your Inner Life: Again, super improved over last years frustrations and energy drains. You feel optimistic again and there is not the ups and downs. This year make meditation a MUST. You NEED time to connect to source. No, Tequila does not count.... Tarot Guidance 2 of Cups: Love is all there is. Love, Love, Love. You are both the container and source of Love. Cultivate love in all forms this year and it will open up inside of you as the deepest well. You can draw on it forever

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