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Aquarius New Moon: Monday February 4th 1:03 pm PST

Sabian Symbol : A Businessman Behind His Desk

Keynote: Advancement

Happy New Moon!

Are you feeling it?

This is a New Moon that is unfettered by friction or shadow, a Lunation supporting advancement, positivity, connections and messages, enlightenment and freedom!

Aquarius is called the “Water Bearer” and as an archetypal energy fuses the energy of Saturn, Lord of Matter, with Uranus the Light Bringer. The water is truly the light of inspiration!

Esoterically, this is the soul’s journey from professional mastery to Altruism.

Aquarius as an Air (ideas) sign of fixed modality can be very rigid sometimes in their need to be right, or in their desire to bring their vision or ideals into practical form. Often Aquarian energy can feel otherworldly, as it is engaged with working on themes of growth beyond the personal and the needs of groups rather than the individual. Illuminations, or large scale “downloads" of Uranian style information is available wherever you find Aquarius in your chart, as well as an "alien" like uniqueness.

The Sun and Moon are conjunct with Mercury and Black Moon Lilith, which represents a dis-enfranchised “Dark Side” of the Moon (Great Goddess). How can we stand in our singularity and solidarity and bring home all aspects of our wholeness for integration with the world?

Jupiter in Sagittarius sextiles all the Aquarian stuff (Monte Farber calls it Sexy-tile) which basically means they are all partying together now in the Solar System.

As Above, So Below.

Bottom Line-

This New Moon is the most optimal time all year to begin fresh, something new, grounded in optimisms and faith, insight and inclusiveness, a time for wishing on a star and climbing up the ladder.

Check your chart to see where Aquarius at 15 degrees falls, this is where you can begin the process of making strides in your life. If you need guidance or help I am here to assist you in reaching for the stars!

Here is a New Moon Ritual designed to inspire you:

Self-Love Intention Setting Moon Ritual

Have a shell (for water) crystal (earth) candle (fire) and sage/incense (air) on your table/altar. Light the sage and smudge yourself and the four directions

(Clockwise from East).

Take your candle and light it, put it on a plate and scatter sea salt all around it,

Look deeply into the candle light and focus your thoughts, emotions and will.

Say aloud

“As this candle light burns, so does the light inside of me, as this flame burns, so do my body, mind, heart and spirit align themselves and become one”

As you do this ritual, you may hold your Quartz crystal and say

“By the Power of this crystal, I invite healing, self-love and protective energy to come into my body, heart and mind, to create comfort and joy, knowing I am connected always to the great divine”

Let the candle burn itself out or burn for at least 15 minutes while you hold the thought of hope, joy and healing in your mind.

So Be it!

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