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Astrology of Crisis

This is a short chronicle of recent crisis- as exhibited in my Mother’s Astrology in the last weeks of her life. For those of you that are new to Astrology - as a method of conscious observance, we have a “ condition” of corresponding factors between situations in personal and collective life on earth and the movement and placement of astronomical bodies and points in space. Astrology seeks to find meaning in this- spiritual, psychological, philosophical.. Note: I am specifically “reporting” certain phenomena with a series of conditions that happened simultaneously and in order. Setting the Stage: December 26th 2019, New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. The Capricorn Solar Eclipse happens to fall in my Mothers 3rd house, and same day she hears sobering news from her Oncology Doctor at her weekly appointment that she is not a candidate for Immunotherapy. Though her Chemo of the last 90 days has successfully eradicated some of her multiple cancerous tumors, her treatment may be indefinite. After her checkup my Mother “ takes to her bed”. My Aunt who had been caring for her thought she was in emotional turmoil from the grim news, she just couldn’t process that the illness she had didn’t seem to have much hope of being eradicated. She reacts as if she had a shock, she shivers and shakes when she returns home. The Capricorn Sun/Jupiter trines her Natal Sun/ North Node. With this aspect we sense a kind of “fated ness” (NNode) engaged. Saturn and Pluto conjunct her IC exactly, the terminator planets are representing implacable forces impacting the very foundation of her life. Uranus RX trines Sun/North Node within 2 degrees. The great “liberator” Uranus has a message that is also about where she will go next. Transiting Neptune opposes Natal Mars within 2 degrees and trines Jupiter exact. Neptune, along with Saturn and Pluto can be present during crisis, this is obviously impacting her health and physical vitality(Mars). Transiting North Node in Cancer is within 8 degree of conjunction with Natal Jupiter, situated in the 9th and the most elevated planet in her chart. This is an interesting aspect- honestly in every important event in my life I see Nodes by transit moving on angles of the Chart or planets. I also see Jupiter transits prominent in the charts of people passing over. Chiron by Transit also exactly conjuncts Natal Ceres in 6th. Health crisis definitively . On the following day- the 27th of December, the Moon trined her Mars, Mercury squared her natal Mercury, Venus exactly opposed Natal Venus, Transit Mars sextiles natal Neptune/Mercury conjunction. She complains of a stomachache and stays in bed all day only getting up once -as we care for her. On the 28th ( my birthday) she is increasingly worse and not sure what day it is- that night she starts vomiting. She says she isn’t in pain only tired and nauseous. Though family comes over -she can not make it out of bed. This is a first for her. Up to now she had been active, even after dealing with Chemo for the last 3 months. 29th am. She is unable to lift her head and is conscious but foggy and unable to talk normally. At this point we call 911. Her blood sugar and blood pressure are dangerously low. She has two seizures, one being lifted into ambulance and one en route to hospital. Moon and Venus are conjunct her Moon now- and other above transits still in play. 29-31st she is unconscious mostly but begins responding to IV fluids and antibiotics. Doctors find the source -she had a Urinary tract infection that had become septic. By the 31st she is doing much better-and doctors have decided she will be released from hospital in a few days to rehab.She is out of danger and responding well. What is noteworthy Astrologically for this day- is the Moon has moved to conjunct her South Node. Jan 1-2 Improvement- I decide to leave San Francisco for a planned trip with my partner ( and she insists) as both my Mother and her Doctor tell me she is improving and I will be back to manage her rehab later in month. Jan 4-9 She continues recovering from her infection but liver/ kidney functions stop improving. Doctor does surgery to replace stent. On the 9th she is in pain from the surgery and feeling poorly, this is when she begins getting confused and spending more time sleeping, though she is lucid and keeps reminding us she is “ still here” and fighting this. Jan 10th As the Lunar eclipse begins: 20 degree Cancer-/Capricorn Lunar eclipse This Lunar Eclipse conjuncts my Mothers MC ( Midheaven) at 21 Cancer and opposes the S/P conjunction, Sun and More on her IC- This is the definitive crisis -the operation has severely weakened her, she begins to get increasingly weaker and weaker, the doctors discuss options but moving her to Rehab is now off the table. Within days Hospice is discussed. Noteworthy is the Eclipse conjuncts my Moon in Cancer and Opposes my Natal Venus. A lunar Eclipse can “ eclipse out” people and things associated with Moon ( Mother or other important females) The days after the eclipse see her continue to erode, on the 11th with Uranus’s station Direct and 12th, ( Saturn/Pluto Conjunction) she begins to lose consciousness and not respond. 1.15.20 Just after 2am PST passing. Transits with Natal Chart Sun, Saturn and Pluto within 3 degree conjunction with IC Moon conjuncts Mercury exactly and Neptune within 8 degrees Mercury in Capricorn conjunction with IC and conjunct Vesta Venus at 1 degree Pisces opposes Natal Sun /North Node and conjuncts 2 Pisces South Node* Mars at 7 Sag squares her Sun, Nodes, and Natal Mars. Transiting Jupiter opposes Natal Jupiter Uranus Trines Natal Sun, North Node... Sudden and shocking, my Mothers death nonetheless had many extremely strong corresponding aspects- and I am only illustrating some of most dramatic ones! What is obviously the most compelling to me is the Saturn Pluto conjunction hits and the eclipses as activators of crisis. Uranus turning direct and trining the Sun/North Node. There is always an astrological backdrop to life’s most pertinent and impactful events and this is no exception. It truly takes a “perfect storm” of aspects to create a pathway for situations like this- and honestly even then one can not ever predict how things will proceed. As Astrologers my Mother and I did have an understanding that this would be a difficult road, but my Mother told me she had had a vision it would not be a fatal one. Perhaps her message is still correct and she lives on in another realm then.... ☀️🌙⭐

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