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Cancer Ingress, Summer Solstice 2021 Sunday June 20th 9:32pm PDT

We have all made it this far- that is, to the midpoint of the Sun in its yearly journey, as it now reaches full “maturity” and power in the Northern Hemisphere, culminating with the longest day, and then stationing and turning to “wane”. The Summer Solstice is another liminal place, as we cross from one threshold of activity to another. This is also the day when we move from the time of Gemini to Cancer, our second Cardinal sign.

In the four quarterly seasons, Cardinal signs all begin a season. We started the Astrological cycle in Aries; the force of new life and beginnings, then moved to Taurus Season’s fertility and flowering, then on to Gemini’s birds and bee connections. From here is the next phase, beginning at the Summer Solstice and the 1st quarter square aspect of the “Wheel of the Year”

In Cancer’s summer the sun is strong, food is growing, yet it’s not harvest yet. It’s a time of grounding, of abundance, a moment where there is time for relaxing and rest, family and flow. In the chart wheel, the 4th house is Cancer’s domain, where we encounter the foundations of our life; home, family, ancestors and the derivation of one’s identity. It is both the birth, and naturally also the grave.

Cancer’s traditional meanings include parenting, caring for and nourishing. Their color is silver. They have bodily rulership over the Breasts and Stomach. Their ruling planet is none other than our planets Moon, technically not a planet but a night sky luminary, second only to the Sun in brightness.

Our Astrological Moon is our instinctual, natural self, that which nourishes us and how we nourish others. The Moon also has always been associated with the ocean and its tides, essential to all life on earth. Remember that Humans are both gestated in water and primarily made up of it, and Cancer is our first Water Element Sign.

Water in Astrology is associated with emotions and feelings, with receptive, feminine or Yin energy. Water flows and merges, and in order to really understand the realm of Zodiacal Cancer we must sound out, intuit or feel its energy within us.

In this part of early summer, we can “float” a little, rest and relax, practice sacred self-care, stop and ground in nature. It is a time to enjoy the fruits of the earth and its pleasures and gifts, to connect with family and friends.


021 is a year of electric intensity, as the great forces of Uranus and Saturn clash over control. If you yearn to break free from oppression yourself, know that your striving is best served now in downtime, while you re-charge and take a break to strategize next steps.

This summer, we begin our first Sun station with Jupiter in harmonious aspect even as it turns to Retrograde in Pisces the same day. In the chart of the moment Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto too, and Mars moves in Leo to square Saturn in the coming weeks.

We will need our rest, our connection to center to keep us on track to accomplish goals later in the year.

Take time the next few weeks to ground and relax, to enjoy and be present in the moment, there will be time enough later for deeper striving.

“Rest is essential, but during our periods of rest, we must think to ourselves that in resting we are renewing our energy to fulfill our commitment.” Wu Wei, I Ching Wisdom:

If you feel depleted energetically take some time this Solstice to lie with your back on the ground, for 15-20 minutes at least, in order to connect and draw in our Earth’s electromagnetic energy to the back body. Many of our auric fields aren’t tended to in this area, and it’s incredibly re-charging to do this exercise now.

More soon on Mercury Direct and our Full Moon in Capricorn!

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