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Cancer Ingress, Summer Solstice 2022 June 21st 2:14 am PDT

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Welcome to the midpoint of the Sun in its yearly journey, as it now reaches full “maturity” and power in the Northern Hemisphere, culminating with the longest day, and then stationing and turning to “wane” as our days slowly darken.

This Solstice is the beginning of our Sun’s 30 days in the sign of Cancer, and it’s a liminal place, one of the cross quarters of our year, where we move from one threshold of activity to another. We mark the change from Gemini to Cancer, our second Cardinal sign.

In the four quarterly seasons, Cardinal signs all begin a season. We started the Astrological cycle in Aries; the force of new life and beginnings, then moved to Fixed mode Taurus Season’s fertility and flowering, then on to Mutable Gemini’s birds and bee’s connections.

In Cancer’s summer the sun is strong, food is ripening, yet it’s not harvest yet. It’s a time of grounding, of abundance, a moment where there is time for relaxing and rest, family, and flow.

In the chart wheel, the 4th house is Cancer’s domain, where we encounter the foundations of our life; home, family, ancestors, and the derivation of one’s identity. It is both the birth, and naturally also the grave. Cancer’s traditional meanings include parenting, caring and nourishing. Their color is silver. They have bodily rulership over the Breasts and Stomach.

Their ruling planet is none other than the Moon, technically not a planet but a night sky luminary, second only to the Sun in brightness.

Our Astrological Moon represents the instinctual, natural self, that which nourishes us and how we nourish others. Earth's Moon also has long been associated with the ocean and its tides, essential to all life on earth and so, Cancer is our first Water Element Sign.

Water in Astrology is associated with emotions and feelings, with receptive, feminine or Yin energy. Water flows and merges, and to really understand the realm of Zodiacal Cancer we must sound out, intuit or feel its energy within us.

Fittingly, Cancer’s Key Phrase is “I feel”.

The Chart of 2022’s Summer Solstice will bear it’s energetic fruit over the Summer Season, and it’s elements tell a story for us all. At the moment of ingress we have our Sun square Moon and Jupiter in Aries- providing some challenges to getting our needs met without a lot of effort on our part- or possibly to having to "fight" for what we want, a vacation, more fun, or even to be left along to relax!

Although we currently have 5 planets in their signs of rulership- including Neptune, Saturn, Mars, Venus, and Mercury, they aren’t all playing nice. Mars conjoins wounded healer Chiron, Venus squares Saturn and Trines Pluto- both Retrograde, Neptune is also connecting with Pluto, making us aware on many levels of the “dark mind” which, consciously or sub- consciously- is always present in life.

What stands out to me the most in this Chart's energy combination, is the need for self-reflection and self-responsibility for our “passage.” We must take the time for self-care- and to reveal what we need to renew ourselves.

Being sensitive to our own instinctual needs can also help us to be sensitive to others, rather than striking out at them.

Make a note to yourself to get clear on what you need realistically- and then give it to yourself.

Feel Yourself and Re-Charge in the Light!



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