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Capricorn Rising, An Astrological Life is here!

So proud to announce that my new book, Capricorn Rising is available on Kindle and Paperback through Amazon!

You can get it here:

"This book actually came about because of Pain. The pain of the sudden loss of my mother, the pain that has followed me throughout my life, often experienced as free flowing anxiety, feelings of existential dread and shame, the fear of what life has to offer next.

This pain also engenders a deep compassion for my own and others’ suffering, a compassion that flows freely from my own wounds like blood seeping, unendingly from a cut.

This pain, which is also a key, unlocked a door inward to some of the mysteries of human existence found only in the inner journey of the Psyche or soul.

I have found strength in the journey of personal awakening through the transcendence of my Astrology, the focus on the symbolic nature of the human experience and its ebbs and flows, riches and deprivations. I wanted to share this with you, my reader, this feast of life, with its bitter and sweet, our fate and fortune."



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