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Capricorn Solar Eclipse/ New Moon January 5th 2019 5:28 pm Pst

The first New Moon of 2019 is also a partial Solar Eclipse, which is when the Moon obstructs the Rays of the Sun’s energy on Earth. Solar Eclipses are powerful “re-set” portals, where our experiences/awareness can be jump started into something new. The sign of Capricorn has rulership over mastery of the material world as well as the integration of the elements into clear structures that last. This Sun/Moon combination in Capricorn is very striking as it is also very close to Mercury, Saturn and Pluto, creating a vortex of Power (Pluto) Boundaries (Saturn) and Messages (Mercury). There is an element of deep strength available to all who wish to commit to a long-term plan, to develop patience as we take steps to begin building the future we wish to see. Pluto shows us how we can move forward whilst “shedding the skin” of our former selves. We have all been through a metamorphosis collectively, that has forced us to face our darkness/fears/abuses. This experience is providing us with the ability to understand the nature of the duality present in life and learn that we can be powerful co-creators of our existences, holding space for all that that offers us and making choices based in the gratitude that we DO have this gift! The New Moon connects positively to Neptune- there is a spiritual element here supporting and inspiring us, whispering that the wind is at our back- we DO matter and we DO have the power deep within to fund a life of vitality and meaning- IF we do the work. The idea of training, apprenticing or learning new skills is present. Key words are Responsibility, Commitment, Mastery, Karma, Growth, Time.

This weekend create a ritual around what you wish to commit to this year. Hold it in your mind as a vision as you draw on the energy to re-set your mind, body and spirit and know you are supported in your own Hero/Heroine’s Journey.



Here is a suggestion for Ritual from

To honor the transitions in life, big and small, I invite you to partake in a ceremony for new beginnings:

Opening: Recite an intention for the ceremony. Bring elements from nature into your ceremony by lighting a candle (fire), sipping a cup of tea (water), feeling the earth beneath your feet (earth), and taking three deep, restorative breaths (air).

Ceremony: Sit quietly or move, playing music that reflects your mood. Reflect on the journey you are embarking. What brought you to this moment? What do you envision for the future? What are your hopes? Honor feelings that come up. Select a symbol that represents this beginning? Symbols may include: seeds representing a new life emerging, a rock signifying strength, a flower showing the beauty of this beginning, a butterfly embodying the journey you are taking.

Closing: Recite a special prayer or poem. Recite your intention for the new beginning. Enjoy the journey!

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