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Full Moon in Aries 10/20/21 7:56am PDT

It’s another Full Moon Folks -and this one introduces us to the bumpy energy which will be prevalent in the busy last quarter of another tough year.

This lunation is colored by the energies of Mars and Eris, each conjoined to our Sun/ Moon opposition. Siblings in mythology, Mars and Eris point to energetic forces of assertion, offense and defense both. Mars you may know, but Goddess Eris, of “strife and discord” was associated both with battles and the battlefield as well as the famous golden apple of discord, which was inscribed “ for the fairest” and thrown out at a wedding, causing lots of problems, including the Trojan War!

Eris the planet was discovered in 2005 and is a dwarf planet close to Pluto and located in the Kuiper Belt. The Astrologer Henry Seltzer has called it “ The 10th Planet” and associated it with the rise of activism and the fight for personal values, for paradigm shifts and those folks who enact them, as well as the activity of taking A STAND for ones personal ideas and ideals.

This Moon in Aries is 3 degrees away from exactitude with Eris and opposes Mars conjoined with Sun while squaring Pluto!

This may be an indication, an invitation to become more aware of how important- and how difficult it is to stand up for one’s truth and ideas whilst getting along with others/organizations/groups.

Eris natally seems to point to where we can be personal warriors for our own selves, where we can have personal breakthroughs, that may bring discord

yet will move us towards potential personal-world changes. The planets orbit is 46+ years in a sign, so most of us aline now, have Eris in Aries.

Look to your charts this Moon for planets in Cardinal Signs too, from 22-29 degrees, here you will have Sun and Moon, Mars, Eris and Pluto aspecting strongly and perhaps bringing up an issue that can also be revelation. Pluto brings its depth here too, a potential to transform by looking below the level of conscious awareness.

Observe this Moon, remember its hard aspect has already come in the last week, now we may have a resolution, a culmination of lessons learned, or difficult experiences or strife endured. What has the last week or two taught you?

Now is the time to work with what you have discovered, releasing what is no longer needed, an offering also, to stand up for your ideals, follow your own bliss, and find your essential beliefs, ones deepest wealth.

Do a ritual of release, possibly of the need to be accepted or “liked”, to allow yourself to be full of your own truth , knowing the relativity of the term, and being ok with the result!

Happy Full Moon!

"Eris" Artist Unknown

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