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Full Moon in Aries 9/29/23 2:57 am PDT

Full Moon are times of opposition, of a sense of division between the subjective and objective, the “me” and the "them." The quality of the time of the Full Moon has always been related to patterns of behavior linked to the cycle, to the expression of feelings, of releasing, emotions, ideas. There is an energetic buildup and things often need attention.

There are countless ways that all of Nature including animal behaviors are linked to the Lunar Cycle, note studies that show how humans and pets often have accidents or visit emergency rooms during the Full Moon times.

In our lives, we can become aware and conscious of ourselves through paying attention to our thoughts and feelings and how they correspond to Nature. This includes paying attention to the cycles of the Moon. In addition to the Lunar phase, the sign of the Moon can tell us more how the particulars of the Moon, especially at its most fully illuminated will affect us.

The Sabian Symbol for the degree of the Full Moon in Aries also holds a clue.


Are you finding yourself dividing up your life? Do you feel like you’ve got two or more areas of activity, reality, awareness or desires? Do you feel like you’re living a double life? This can be a great degree as long as you are able to focus fully on what you’re doing.

Areas of your life may seem divided, but you can be fully expressive in each aspect of your life if you give each aspect value and look for each part’s individual importance. There’s the ability to shift your focus from one thing to another when it is needed or useful. Be careful not to scatter your energies, but, of course, indulge in the various areas of life or projects that interest you.

Integrating the spiritual and the material. Creative versatility and duality. Moving through people’s lives and social strata. Living a dual life.

The Caution: Fooling yourself that you can be all things to all people and eventually failing. Infidelity and fickleness. Compromising to keep people happy.* (*from Lynda Hill’s

Moon full, in fire sign Aries, highlights the urgency of need that is expressed in our first sign of the Zodiac. Aries is connected to the dawn, it is the spring equinox, the beginning of the things, the subjected “ME.” We are now in the season of airy Libra, of the fall equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a time of objective balance and again new beginnings. There is a need to find equilibrium in life after the heat and retreat of summer.

This Moon has little major relational aspect with other planets, only a very wide and creative sextile to retrograde Pluto, giving the idea of Aries "me first” greater weight.

Note also that the North Node of the Moon has recently moved to Aries, and we will have Eclipses in the next two weeks. Something will be telling a story about this particular Aries/Libra dynamic now and in the next year too. We may see clues into how to balance our personal needs with others, how to see outside of our subjective feelings even though we also need to be focused on what WE need and want.

This may mean dividing up our life, being both for ourselves AND offering our time and to others in balance, via our relationships. It isn’t easy taking action that is healthily interdependent. We so often swing one way or the other don’t we?

The planet Mars rules our lunation and is in Libra- further emphasizing the need for balance and harmony!! Ack, we all need to have balance in life. What matters to YOU counts but remember others too. Don’t get out of balance either giving too much or not at all!

Whether you pay attention or not a Full Moon DOES affect all of life and is therefore worth observing. Note how you feel, respond and flow energetically through the next days and night leading up to it. Watch your thoughts and actions and if you get impatient or angry (common Aries keywords), remember this..

It’s all going to be OK.

Big Love,


Art "Two Sides of Humans" by Alexander Kartashov

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