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Full Moon in Aries- Sunday 10/09/22 1:55 pm PDT

"Heroes, Teachers and Lovers"

The Fiery Full Moon in Aries of October 9th shines a light on several themes.

First, in Mundane Astrology the Moon represents the mood of the people or population, that is how the “group mind” is instinctually thinking and of course feeling. In the Zodiac sign of Aries, we may be feeling feisty- or slightly combative, wanting to get things moving or feeling frustrated if they aren’t moving fast enough.

Our Moon and the planet Venus were also traditionally representative of women and women’s issues – and with this month’s Full Moon conjoined with planetoid Chiron and opposing Venus, it’s indicative of the need to pay attention to our “feminine” or feeling selves.

Each of us, regardless of material biology or gender identification have an inner receptive, reflective, and relating “self”, which Jung called an “anima, ” related to the emotional, empathetic, and sensitive parts of the Psyche. This relates to the urge to get our needs met with connection and affection, for comfort and security-often through our relationships.

This Full Moon brings up needs and wounds around whether our unique, individual selves and rights are by supported by another/others.

Chiron in Astrology has been described as “The Wounded Healer” but the archetype is much more than this, it is the Teacher, the Shaman/woman and Sage, and we each “come with” this living archetype within our consciousness- and can call on it, when we are in need.

When, and as we are tested, “we can each fund the power to avert defeat” by bravely standing in our truths, while fairly acknowledging others. This Sun/Venus opposed to Moon/Chiron reflects and illustrates the challenge, while Saturn, via the Sextile to Luna/Chiron and Trine to Sun/Venus gives wise counsel via how to constructively build bridges between opposing factors.

This Full Moon draw on your inner wise elder, call on your ancestors and bravely include your needs with others, as you take the high road!

Full Moon Blessings!


Anima and Animas by Phillip Hallawell

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