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Full Moon in Cancer 1/6/2023 3:07pm PST 11:07 GMT

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon : THE SEED GROWS INTO KNOWLEDGE AND LIFE – what are you planting? What are you growing? What do you want to pour your attention into? This Symbol implies situations that are pregnant with meaning and significance. Something starts with the seed, and it grows and grows until it becomes something reliable and strong. Sometimes, you may feel that you are not growing or developing properly, maybe dissatisfied at your perceived failings. Things take time to develop and, rather than being rushed, need to be nurtured to develop in their own time. It is important to start small and grow- giving fertilizer and water in order for things to grow and flourish. Remember that small and steady beginnings can lead to a beautiful flowering.

Warning against grabbing for the fast dollar. Pregnancy, childbirth and growing up. Embryonic cells. The giving and receiving of lessons. The Kabala. The Tree of Life.

The Caution: Trying to do things that aren’t fully developed. Rushing and missing vital parts in the situation. Aborted attempts. Arrogance about how much one knows”.

-Lynda Hill’s Sabian Symbol Oracle

When we observe the Astronomical phenomena that accompanies what we call time through the lens of Astrology, we can generally “read the room” or have a good idea of some of the waves of expression we are collectively and personally dealing/working with. The idea here is that every moment of our lives has resonance and significance.

At the Full Moon we have a sense of energetic fullness or ripeness. It’s an “event”with implications reaching till next Full Moon- and things are energized in a particular style, including always a sense of opposition. Remember, a full Moon happens physically when the Earth is located just between the Sun and the Moon, when the ecliptic longitudes differ by 180 degrees.

It’s a 180 dude! ( My California skateboarder coming out)

So, to manage the trick of “riding” this energy we must see/observe the terrain we are going to traverse.

Firstly, it’s Sun in Capricorn time and we are being guided collectively to approach life in a serious, responsible, and ambitious manner. This is generally when we set goals and resolutions for the entire year!

However, now we have a retrograde Mercury making us second or third guess our plans- and the Moon (our collective needs and feelings) is full in Cancer, opposing our desire to begin tough work, as we honestly may want to just sink into comfort and rest, a gigantic ice cream sundae or “mega-pint’ of wine.

This Full Moon makes many challenging aspects, a square to Chiron and loosely Eris; the innate sensitivity of the Cancer Moon (Moon in Domicile is super strong and and emotional) is heightened by a sense of “self-identity” pain and even a need to fight back against what is “wrong” in our lives. Let’s just say we may be triggered and subjective in our reactions now.

Fortunately, we also have a sextile from Uranus and a conjunction from asteroid goddess Pallas as well as a wide trine from Neptune.

This means Moon is being supported by outside the box ideas, strategies and principles- we may get also; moments of grace from a higher power, hugs from a BFF who tells us we are ok just as we are, or even help from a procedural program that allows us to reconcile our goals with comfort ( intermittent fasting instead of deprivation of food for a diet?)

It’s an interesting Full Moon, full of potential, “pregnant with possibility” as they say and kind of EMO.

It’s also my natal placement within 1 degree ( yup got that Cap/Cancer full Moon blues) so I ought to know.

I am thinking of you. Be kind to yourself.

Please remember that getting your needs met, loving yourself, taking over the world, meeting that ideal lover, achieving your goals etc., etc. is a marathon not a sprint.


t takes time to grow, and we are always growing...



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