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Full Moon in Cancer 12/29/2020 7:28 pm PST

The last lunation in this unprecedented year brings up a powerful need for loving kindness, for warmth and belonging.

We have all been in Capricorn’s employ this year, dealing with its shadow lessons of hardship, lack, fear and isolation.

This event brings up the need for us to cultivate the opposite now and give to ourselves ease, abundance, hope and connection.

The Moon in Cancer is in its domicile, comfortable and strong. Our Earth’s Moon is Cancer’s native sign of rulership and it’s placement there allows for a very natural flow of emotional relatedness and expression. However, with Cancer prominent in the collective energy field we can have as large a desire for receiving as for giving. There can be a childlike archetype present in Cancer’s placements that expresses itself as intense moodiness. Feelings move quickly, like the Moon’s phases- from one emotion to the next.

Under a Cancer moon we can ALL “digest” information and emotions with great sensitivity. Mercury is in Capricorn and combust (close by) the Sun, which can overpower clear communication, making our wills stronger than our heads. The archetypal energetic expression of Cancer is also inward turning, pointing towards the interior life, nostalgia or the past. We can feel clannish and family oriented, as there is an instinctual need for belonging to family or tribe too. Connected to the Great Goddess or Divine Feminine archetype in all her manifestations, we can draw upon a super-power of empathy and compassion, loving and nourishing- however, like Cancer’s symbol the Crab, this expression can be both tough and tender.

Be careful to choose kindness and know you may feel sensitive, there may also be surprises that come up as the Moon applies by sextile to Uranus and Black Moon Lilith in Taurus. It’s important to work on affirming self-care, self-respect now- because as we take the time to truly nourish ourselves in sustainable ways, we are able then to also care for others, for our communities, for all living the things and the earth itself!!

Give yourself some love this Moon- you deserve it!!!!

Here is a suggestion for a ritual from

Full Moon Spell for Self-Compassion Spell timing: Full Moon or Mondays during a Waxing Moon Spell Length: 30 minutes Spell Ingredients: • 1 Pink Taper Candle or Pink Pillar Candle • 1 Cauldron or fireproof container • 2 Bay Leaves for each person participating in the spell • 1 Journal, Notebook, or Book of Shadows • 1 Pen, Pencil, or Quill • Any other crystals, incense, or tools for self-love • Colors: pink for self-love, green for peace, and blue for healing all work well • Stones: rose quartz for love, selenite for healing, sea and river stones, or a stone from a place in nature where you feel at peace • Scents: lavender, sandalwood, or any scent that relaxes you

Spell Directions: 1. Create your sacred space: Take time to cleanse and create your magickal space. This can be done by casting a circle or using any of your favorite sacred space rituals. 2. Relax: Seat yourself before your altar or working space. Take a few deep breaths. Bring your mind and body to this moment. Remind yourself of what your intention is.

3. Create your intention: When you feel ready, light the candle. Allow your gaze to rest on the candle flame. Again, remind yourself of your intention.

4. Meditate: 1. Visualize: Close your eyes. In your mind’s eye imagine you are in a room. It might be the room you are in right now or one of your mind’s creation. Notice that this room also contains a mirror. It might be a full-length mirror, or one mounted on the wall, or even a small hand mirror. 2. See yourself: Bring yourself to stand before this mirror or, if it is a hand mirror, pick it up and hold it so you can see your face. As you gaze upon your reflection you begin to realize that this you in the mirror is looking back at you. Your reflection smiles at you and as they do you feel love and warmth pour over you. 3. Know: This you loves you wholly and completely, just as you are. This you wants you to know this feeling. Allow yourself to bask in this feeling of acceptance for a time. 4. Listen: After a time, your reflection begins to speak. They say that they have two messages for you. Receive Message 1: The first is what you need to release to make room for self-compassion in your life. Receive Message 2: The second is what you need to take in to help self-compassion grow.

5. Return: Allow yourself to stay for a time. Your reflection may have more messages for you. When you are ready thank your reflection. Turn and make your way back through the cabin door, down the path, to the meadow in which you began. Begin to allow your awareness to return to your body, to the room you are in. When you are ready, open your eyes.

Record your messages!

Brightest Blessings, Michelle

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