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Full Moon in Capricorn- July 13th, 2022 11:37 am PDT

“We rise by kneeling; we conquer by surrendering; we gain by giving up”.

-Advice to Hercules on his 8th Labor

Every Month has its lunation cycle, the New, First Quarter, Full, Last Quarter etc., these events represent energetic cycles of the ebb and flow of life.

The Moon’s sign and aspects add expressive detail to the quality of our experience- and Astrology offers us the opportunity to identify and “use” this energy for our own evolutionary journeys.

Every Cancer season, we have a Full Moon in opposing sign of Capricorn, representing a polarity point for Cancer’s subjective and inward turning time.

As the last Earth sign, Capricorn symbolizes matter, potentially evolved, undergoing deep lessons in the mastery of self and the material world. Capricorn energy desires to manage or control, to be in authority. It's Chart Wheel house is the 10th, the "midheaven" a place of career and status, where the world “sees” you.

The Full Moon is an energetic culmination, and in Capricorn we have the opportunity for a process, the ability to materialize the spiritual or internal through lessons of building and taking responsibility.

The potential here is to transform our lives, to live both within the sea of depth consciousness and the earthly world, to climb metaphorical mountains, swim oceans and endure challenges in order to shape our awareness into one of wisdom and tranquility.

Our Moon is ruled by Saturn and conjunct Pluto, opposed by Mercury/Sun, sextile Neptune/Juno and Square Chiron/Aries-

There is a lot going on, especially around creative new ways to be in partnership with other people or even yourself, to resolve opposing viewpoints via new ways of understanding other realties and needs. Ultimately, this energy is leading us to take responsibility- for at least our portion of our personal situations and pain.

The Sabian Symbol for this Moon is “ A general accepting defeat gracefully” This image can be used for contemplation into the idea of immovable obstacles in life. There are some battles that are best resolved through a timely retreat.

Capricorn and Saturn in your own Astrology provides the opportunity for an expanded perspective on the notion of your obstacles. Look to the house position of Capricorn and planets in the sign for clues on how the Full Moon is lighting the way. There is always a climb or passage out from challenges.

The path to achievement and the endurance required to succeed is rewarded-especially if you can see where to take responsibility and where not to take on what is not yours.

It’s also up to the individual to make life something more than materialistic striving. This Capricorn Full Moon has the goods- if one desires to apply life’s lessons and transform.

Moon Blessings,


Capricorn Art by Charlie Potter

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