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Full Moon in Gemini 12/11/2019 9:12pm pst

Sabian Symbol : A cafeteria with an abundance of choices

A Full Moon represents the fulfillment of a lunar cycle. After the new Moon in Sagittarius we find ourselves moving to its opposition, Gemini.

Gemini has rulership over the areas of life that are concerned with connections and communication. Flexibility and duality are highlighted too, as well as multiple choices and intellectual pursuits.


At this lunation we be busy with projects, or even with too many choices to make. The Sun and Moon create a T Square aspect with Neptune, potentially creating either glamour or a nebulous quality to our thoughts and experience of life now. It may be difficult to seperate what is "real" from what is imagined.


Mercury is the “Lord” of Gemini-the God of Crossroads, Commerce, Messages (including divination) Travelers and Magick. He/She has just entered Sagittarius and is in supportive relationship with Chiron recently in direct motion in Aries. It’s very possible that we can find a way to envision or inspire big picture thinking that can help with our self healing journey.


Beneficent Jupiter, ruler of our Sun and Moon’s dispositor has joined Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter bristles a little in the container of Capricorn. Yet here it brings reward though for any disciplines and work we set out to accomplish.

Uranus is also in this mix, bringing some surprises, rebellions and potentially illuminations. Doors could open into new opportunities now. Use this energy to connect spiritually, to keep hope and optimism alive in these tough times. Connect and communicate with others, send your petitions and visions to the gods now. Much can be accomplished if you do so!

Release confusion at this Moon by writing down what needs to be cleared from your life. Any form of vision boarding or goal setting is also supported.

Blessed Full Moon to you filled with Light and Wonder!

Art by Yamamoto Takato

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