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Full Moon in Gemini- Saturday December 18th, 2021 8:34 pm PST

Astrologically, the Moon is representative of our instinctive self, that which regulates and responds to the conditions of life. It is representative of what we “feel,” that which changes, expanding and contracting as needed.

The physical lunation cycle, which begins and ends at each New Moon, reaches its apex at the Full Moon, releasing an energetic style in the form of the zodiac sign it inhabits, and connections it makes to planets it aspects.

Gemini, Astrology’s first zodiac sign in the element of air, is all about connections. We have moved from October’s Full Moon in Aries “spark of life” to November's Lunar Eclipse in Taurus’s “container” of earth, now to December's, Gemini spatial connection- through the instinctive energetic experience of polarity. The Astrological element of air is symbolized also by the "in and out"of breathing, the receiving of data and information, and the connections we make with others and ourselves when we think and communicate our information, experience, and insight. It is the process of symbols strung together in written and spoken languages, or information, neural synapses combined to make data. Our Sun in Sagittarius, (Gemini's opposition) is much about the conclusions we come to, the hypothesis or philosophies that come from the processing of the data and choices available to us.

This Full Moon releases Gemini’s options, the data that goes into making decisions, as well as the indecisions that come from observing the myriad ways we can move forward. Gemini always implies movement, it’s symbol is the twins, two beings connected, yet separate. Choice may be in front of you now, as the light of the Sun shines fully on the face of Luna, illuminating the need for a decision.

It’s interesting that the Moon is close to a quincunx with Pluto and Venus, just hours away from her Retrograde journey. Our need to examine possibly disparate relationship needs, our foundational value systems- as well as what makes us happy in general is at play here- and this theme, the choices that we make- that either contribute to or detract from our joy- this, may be emphasized now. Moon’s ruler Mercury is conjoined with Partnership focused Juno AND Jupiter trines the lunation closely. An expanded awareness as well as general feeling of “expecting the best” will help illuminate ANY dilemmas around choice in our relations.

Neptune is the focus of a T square with Sun in Sag, so there may be some deeply amorphous elements contributing to factors arising now- it’s important to take time before coming to any conclusions, allowing things to settle- like water when it has been disturbed, in order to see to the bottom of things. Asteroid Eris sextiles, so a helpful disruption can actually help us see the light!

Here is a lovely ritual to do around this Moon!



Full Moon Ritual

Have a representative of each element on your table/altar. I use a shell or container of water for water, a candle for fire, incense for air and a crystal or stone earth. You will also need sea salt for cleansing.

Light the incense and smudge yourself and the four directions.

Take your candle and light it, put it on a plate and scatter sea salt all around it and add the shell/or sprinkle the water,

Look deeply into the candle light and focus your thoughts, emotions and will.

Say aloud

“ As this candle light burns, so does the light inside of me, as this flame burns, do my body, mind, heart and spirit align themselves and become one”

As you do this ritual, you may hold your Quartz crystal and say

“ By the Power of this crystal, I invite healing. Self love and protective energy to come into my body, heart and mind, to create comfort and joy, knowing I am connected always to the great divine”

Let the candle burn itself out or burn for at least 15 minutes while you hold the thought of hope, joy and healing in your mind.

So Be it!

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