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Full Moon in Leo 1/25/24 9:53 am PST


A dramatic and fiery Full Moon is roaring into our consciousness this week, as The Sun in airy Aquarius meets its “opponent” Full Moon in Leo. We are only 5 days into Aquarius season, which opened with Dark Lord Pluto in tow, and we KNOW we are living in important and perilous times of change for sure.

The Moon reflects the “light” of the Sun, and in traditional mundane Astrology the Moon represents the people, just as the Sun represents the King/God/Consciousness/Life. Expressive Leo is creative, dramatic, proud and subjective. A "180" from Aquarius’s qualities of objectivity, intellectualism, idealism and separateness.  Together, this axis brings up the Me/We dichotomy, Kingdom vs Elected Government, Rock Stars and Fans.

In musing on this Moons energy, lyrics from Rock Band Rush’s "Limelight' came to mind;  


“All the world's indeed a stage

We are merely players

Performers and portrayers

Each another's audience outside the gilded cage.

Living in the limelight, the universal dream

For those who wish to seem

Those who wish to be, must put aside the alienation

Get on with the fascination

The real relation, the underlying theme”


Saturn, traditional ruler of Aquarius and Capricorn is a master of alienation, withdrawal, and conservatism. Now we have 5 planets including our Sun, ruled by the “old devil.” Care is necessary to not get stuck in living our life in worn out patterns, or dis-connected, pessimistic and aloof.

In our Full Moon chart, Mars and Mercury in Capricorn square the North Node, which is conjoined to Chiron in Aries. What is screaming, perhaps in pain "LOOK AT ME" in your life?

Is it your mindset, health or heart- and speaking of hearts, Leo has rulership over the physical heart in Medical Astrology. Themes of heart health may arise- remember to listen to your body, and especially the somatic connection with emotions and physical self. All is connected.


Expansive Jupiter in Taurus makes a close square to our event, bringing up what we all share; our bodies, our earth, our senses. Resources can flow to you as help now.

Saturn in Pisces is sextile Venus in Capricorn too- and in mutual reception, what REALLY helps is compassion in action!


The Sabian Symbol for the lunation is:




This Symbol speaks of being prepared to integrate the conservative and the new, the young and the old and the tried-and-true with the more innovative. You may find yourself faced with choices around these issues. Although both hold promise and reward, it is the best qualities of both that is the proper compromise. Even though your habits may be ingrained, there comes a time when you are faced with issues from another perspective. If something or someone is “Confronting” you, remember that often what confronts or bothers us about others really shows issues that must be examined about ourselves. Conservative inertia being challenged by the constantly changing. Learning to let one’s hair down. Issues of age and what one is capable of. Renovations. Ideas challenged.

Denying the duality within oneself. Being afraid to get out there. Afraid of age or being usurped by younger, more vital energies. **


Right now, we are all in this world together, and need to work together to listen to each other with caring and reflective fairness and equality. In an Aquarius "age" we marry Saturn and Uranus, old and new ideas. History and an uncharted future. The way forward beckons.


Those who wish to be, must put aside the alienation

Get on with the fascination

The real relation, the underlying theme”


Life is the fascination, the great mystery and the real relation. Let’s love it while we are here.




Art by @danh1z

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