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Full Moon in Libra 4/5/23 9:34 PM PDT

Book-ended by the powerful 0 Aries New Moon of March 21st and our upcoming Solar Eclipse of 4/20 at 29 Aries, this Full Moon brings up themes of conflict and resolution, illuminating the pattern or complexes of any “Agendas” we may have.

Our seasonal Sun in Aries is conjoined with Chiron and Jupiter and opposing the lunation, increasing polarizing situations of vulnerability around personal freedom and self-expression.

If Aries energy manifests as assertive and SELF orientated endeavors, often with fighting or warring against perceived opposition, (if I am not myself, who am I for?),

Libra presents as passive and OTHER orientated (do they like me?), focused on getting along and creating harmony.

Venus in her domicile of Taurus, is the Moon’s “ruler” and currently within orb of conjunction to Uranus. It’s an alliance that may bring change to our sense of security as new challenges arise seemingly out of the blue.

This Libra Full Moon sits in the middle of April's initiatory New Moons. Like a Mid-Point in Natal Astrology, we can interpret or define this experience as a centering, balancing influence. This idea may also be the “key” to successful endeavors now.

Note that Libra is the only Astrological sign with an inanimate symbol; the ”Scales of Justice.” The constellation of Libra has been associated with the Scales as early as 2001 BC when the Babylonians connected this time with their Goddess Ziba Ana- who weighed the souls of the dead in order to determine their moral worth.

The Egyptian Goddess Ma’at also took this role, using a feather as a counterbalance to a human heart at death’s judgment, and her work was seen to save the Universe from chaos and destruction, by ensuring human souls adhered to natural laws.

The Libra expression released this week into the collective consciousness, brings out the need for fairness or justice, equipoise and egalitarian activities.

It highlights that it’s one thing to have healthy self-interest, to know what we want- and go after it, but not when we do so by claiming our supremacy and dismissing other’s needs, perspective or the collective rules.

This Full Moon brings up “deals” and negotiations, passions and regrets. With Mars in its "fall" of Cancer, trouble seems to be coming to those Martial folks who claim power via a “might makes right” scheme.

Full Moon Blessings to you and 'May the scales of Ma’at prevail un-endingly!' Remember to ensure that no matter what you choose in life- your heart’s "weight” when you do so determines the “rightness" of your choice.

Here is a prayer/invocation you can use for Wednesday’s Full Moon Magic. Try anointing yourself or a candle with rose oil, add in an Ankh, an amethyst crystal and feather to your ritual, working as you speak the following, borrowed from

“Ma’at, I call upon you for the Winds of Justice. (feather and smudge)

Ma’at I ask that you let my heart be purified and may the Scales of Justice bring balance into my life.

Pick up the ankh, holding in dominate hand; the amethyst in receiving hand.

Join with Ma’at, bringing her into your mind’s eye. You may either speak, or simply think of what areas you need Ma’at to address. Make sure that you let her know how you honestly feel and give all details as best you know them. Stop and listen, and don’t disregard ideas that may come, accept all that comes to you. When you are finished bow to her and thank her.

Pick up the rose oil and anoint the third eye area saying I anoint my mind and inner eye to greater truths.

Anoint your heart saying I anoint my heart of all impurities.

Anoint your feet saying I anoint my feet to walk the paths of growth.

Anoint your hands saying I anoint my hands to work for peace and harmony"

Go forth with Ma’at in your heart and soul, working for peace, harmony and embodying righteousness.

Art by Dejvid Knezevic

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