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Full Moon in Pisces 8/30/23 6:35 pm PDT

Happy Full and Blue Super Moon!

This particular lunation expands the full moon’s usual “emotional” power by being simultaneously in dreamy, watery Pisces, a Blue Moon (2nd Full Moon in the calendar month) and a SUPER moon, meaning it is the closest, brightest Moon of this year! The close proximity to Earth, and its position and sign make the Moon’s energetic experience extra amplified- look for dreams, downloads, intuitions, hunches, creative inspirations and imaginative fantasies to be very potent.

In addition we currently have 6 planets retrograde; Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. This indicates alot of interior work, reviewing and relating to our current circumstances.

Remember to navigate this consciously, that is with clarity. It may SOUND wonderful to get lost in surreality, especially if it is glittering, but there is a “caution” sign reminding us that all things in this dimensional plane contain their polarity. Don’t give in to delusional snares, too much partying or excess fantasizing.

However, these pitfalls are mitigated thankfully, by the Sun and Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, as well as Saturn conjunct the Moon.

Virgo, as a grounded Earth sign wants to use healthy discernment to navigate life in the best way possible- Virgo’s aren’t generally known to be mystical dreamers (unless they have strong Pisces/ Sag or prominent Neptune in their chart.) Sun and Mercury in the sign are reminding us to be discriminating, to use the minds thoughts to get clear on things, even as you navigate this cloudy and strange atmosphere/environment.

Saturn RX conjunct the lunation makes it less “fun” than other previous Pisces Full Moons, but it is also part of the process of Saturn in Pisces. This planetary position will be asking ALL of us over the next approximately two years


This includes grounding your beliefs and ideas, judgements etc. into some kind of cohesive philosophy. Jupiter in earthy Taurus is co-ruler of the Moon and widely sextile it, as well as in direct Motion. This lends power to the ability to find our way through via using our priorities as guides.

So many of us have been subject to a barrage of “communication” via the excess of technological outlets for it. Internet and smart phones and thousands of television channels- all these written and spoken words pouring ideas and visions and opinions into the collective consciousness. It’s hard to tell what general truth is from fiction, what opinion is from fact, etc.

This Full Moon do some soul searching to find your own, personal resonant truth(s). Let them arise from a mind that allows for critical discernment via the ability to turn over ideas and see their relativity. This is tolerance. Cultivate an open heart that is compassionate; loving and kind- to yourself and others. Create an opportunity to release fear and delusion. Be objective.

I would recommend visiting Byron Katies for the helpful free worksheets on judgement.

Full Moon in Pisces is also hopeful, even conjunct Saturn for a better future for ourselves. This Moon is great for intuiting a plan, for reading your cards or using Astrology, Dreamwork or Therapy as guidance to know SELF.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon is:

“A Girl Blowing a Bugle”

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to sound the call... to know when to speak or “Blow the Bugle” to wake up to realities going on in the world, join some cause, etc. At times in your life, you are likely to feel the need to wake up those around you too, and, at times, perhaps be woken yourself.*

Happy Full Moon!’



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