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Full Moon in Pisces Tuesday, September 1st 2020 10:21pm PDT

Sabian Symbol: “People on a narrow path, seeking Illumination”

Pisces is the sign of inspiration, spiritual and creative guidance, the synthesis of the Zodiacal journey. It’s keyword is “I Believe”.

It’s planetary ruler Neptune’s realm is a shimmering, enchanting underwater view, filled with mysterious creatures. Jupiter, as ancient ruler of Pisces lends spiritual hope and buoyancy to the sign’s expression. The Fish, Pisces symbol has also been long associated with Christ and Christianity’s early message of spiritual redemption, sacrifice and love.

This full Moon comes at an opportune time to seek contemplation around the source of our hopes and expectations. What truly drives us, fear or love? Do we seek a life of limitation and negativity? Do we want to hurt or help ourselves and the world around us? And are we willing to sacrifice our time and energy for what we truly believe in?

This lunation is supported by its dispositors Neptune and Jupiter; our dreams, hunches and intuitions are hugely emphasized, they have a message for us to never stop believing in a higher power, and especially in our own power. There is definitely hope and comfort available. The waters of Pisces that flow into our psyche now do so against the tough backdrop of our Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter grouping close in Capricorn up against our Arian group of Mars, Eris and Black Moon Lilith. Discord is here, and it is our task to engage with this and therefore to see our own power. DO NOT BACK OUT OF THIS OPPORTUNITY.

What would our chosen Spiritual teachers guide us to do, if there were/ are here? I am sure they would ask us to love ourselves and our neighbor, to seek peaceful answers to our dilemmas through prayer, meditation and inner work, and to connect and share. Even to sacrifice, if necessary- some of our personal ideals for the group or collective.

What you can DO about the state of things in your life will be revealed to you at this full moon. Whether you get involved in Voting, Peaceful Protest, Community Work, Prayer or just solid Self-Care, this Moon can reveal to you the right way.

Look to your dreams, by night and day for clues. Remember the Universe is waiting for you to ask it for what you want, and your dreams just may come true.

Remember to let your emotions flow, safely and kindly. When the waters of life don’t flow we become disconnected. Pisces connects, synthesizes.

Try a ceremony or ritual including water on Tuesday to put you back on track.

You can Scry ( fill a pan with water and gaze into the surface), create a ritual water bath, cast an oracle for yourself, fill bowls of water with flowers, sit near the ocean or running water.

Cultivate compassion, confidence and tranquility as you pray for illumination and acknowledge and face any despair. Help is on the way, believe it, cause I see it in the stars.



Art- "Pilgrimage of the Spirit" by Lawrence Neal Katzman

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