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Full Moon in Sagittarius 6/3/23 8:41pm PDT A New Plan

The energy of Sagittarius is like a bright light in the darkness. It makes sense that the sign’s ruler is none other than Jupiter, the jubilant, largest planet in the solar system. Ever associated as the principle of expansion, it is known as the ancient “greater benefic” denoting luck and joy, hope and justice. Jupiter transits are known too, for their expanding qualities, bringing opportunities and more to the areas of the chart visited.

Where you find Sagittarius and Jupiter in your chart by birth or transit you may be expansive and optimistic, even fortunate, at the least this is the place where you typically “don’t hold back.” A Centaur Archer is Sagittarius’s symbol and planets and the House ruled by the sign show where you can find yourself gazing at the next horizon, chasing mysteries and ‘setting your sights” on ever new adventures.

Philosophy and religion, foreign travel and cultures, mind expansion, higher learning, publishing, legal affairs, and courts, these are some of the arenas of life given to Sagittarius as well as the 9th house which is associated with it.

There is the focus on illumination here or cohesion, of blending ideas into beliefs, data into theory and hypothesis. Sagittarius has the impulse to take the information and learning of its opposite sign of Gemini and synthesize it by dealing with larger viewpoints- Gemini’s information, becomes Sagittarius’s Understanding.

This Full Moon highlights these themes, ideas and plans, information or data and hypothesis.

Our Sun/ Moon opposition show we need both to move forward- the data informs the hypothesis; the details make the plan.

Mars in Leo sends support and open-hearted courage to tread our paths- even as the Moon squares Saturn in Pisces. You aren’t incorrect in assessing there is something to fear in any journey or endeavor- just remember the greatest fears are in the imagination.

Meeting our fear with courage can dispel some of the darkness now in the light of the Full Moon.

Jupiter in Taurus is the moons dispositor, and in the lunation it makes a square to Pluto in Aquarius and conjoins the North Node.

We find that DO have the resources to make a plan for the next part of our journey, even as we come against what looks like some formidable obstacles. The light of Jupiter highlights that moving forward brings transformation- and transformation IS life.

Full Moon Blessings,


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