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Full Moon in Virgo- 2/24/24 4:30 am PST


Just five days into dreamy and elusive Pisces season is a Full Moon in Virgo.

Full Moons are always the apex of the lunation cycle, filled with energy and opportunity for both illumination and release. This month's Sun/Moon opposition highlights both Pisces and Virgo’s archetypal energetic forms.  

Pisces psychic and creative forces of “chaos” come up against the discriminatory solidity of earth element Virgo’s order and detail. Following this form, it is possible now to bring our dreams to fruition as we integrate and work on any mental, emotional, or spiritual imbalance .

The planetary pairings involved in the lunation bring further clues as how to best utilize the energetic currents. Mercury and Saturn conjoin the Sun and oppose the Moon, which is further loosely conjoined with its own apogee, Black Moon Lilith. We may be in situations of flux where the environment in constantly changing and we don’t have any sense of firm footing, or even how we feel.

The Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Neptune all in Pisces inform us that we must lean into the mystery of life now, follow our heart centered intuition, a spiritual path or guidance as a form of navigation through confusion. Moon in Virgo trine Jupiter offers a ”boon” in the form of wisdom, faith, hope and even a sense of confidence in our personal ability to ride things out and gain perspective from experience. We also are just emerging from the Mars/Venus conjunction, a time of new cycles in attracting and asserting. Connecting to what you deeply need is the first step in getting it.

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon is “A Merry Go Round". From Lynda Hill’s comes further insight.

Do you feel like you’re going around in circles? Doing the same thing day in and day out? Do you want to get off the cycle of habits that you find yourself doing? Thinking? There’s a need to see definite possibilities and the evidence of advancement in our life and to feel as though we are making progress towards a goal or a clear outcome. This image can relate to any situation where we feel stuck in repetitive or unprogressive ruts. Relationships, marriages, jobs and everyday chores or habits can have you running around in circles landing you right back in the same place. This can lead you to wonder if you should just hold on tight, wait to see if the thing will ever eventually stop or jump off.

Jumping off whilst things are still in motion can feel life threatening. The desire, longing or even addiction to things, people, places, substances can put a hold on your life to the point where you can’t see a way out. Just when you may think you’ve seen a way to get off, or out, you’re back in the same situation, emotion, or location. However, each time you return to what feels like the same place, if you’ve been watchful, you get the opportunity to look at  new alternatives, answers, or possibilities.

At some stage there will need to be a decision made: do you want to keep going round and round, or do you want to stop repetitive situations or reactions and get off?

Keywords: Repeating circles of activity. Driving around and around. Motion sickness. Childhood fun and joy. Yo-yoing and oscillating backwards and forwards. Emotional polarization. Once you’re on it, you want to get off. The ups and downs and the ins and outs. Habits that are hard to break. Carnivals. Lights. Noise. Music.

The Caution: Repeating the same mistakes. Bouncing around from one thing to another and not getting anywhere. Feeling like there’s no end in sight. Addictive behavior. Feeling dizzy. Not being able to focus on one point. Manic depression. Getting nowhere. Seeking only pleasure.”

This Moon is a wonderful time for magic, for culminating projects or even setting up a ritual space. I will be doing the Bay Leaf banishing ritual. To try it yourself write on a dry Bay Leaf what you wish to burn away in your life and then ignite it safely in an incense holder, pan or safe space. You can write anything on you want to work on getting rid of; “dis-ease, negative mind, insecurity”, etc. Watch as the Bay Leaf crackles as it burns and emits a fragrant smoke that contains linalool, used for centuries to combat anxiety, negativity, and anger.

May the Full Moon illuminate your path.




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