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Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo: Sunday January 20th 9:15pm PST

Personal Power

The “Super, Blood, Wolf Moon” of January is also the end of a long cycle of eclipses in the Leo/Aquarius polarity. Beginning approximately 18 months ago, these eclipses rocked the worlds of many of those with personal planets or chart angles in Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio. There were endings AND new beginnings as people, places and things were “ eclipsed” out or in of your life. Where you have any of the above fixed signs in your chart- take a breath next week, as you will soon see some of your challenges beginning to resolve.

2019’s second Eclipse also comes at a time when not only are ALL planets in the Solar System in direct motion, 4 are in their “Rulership” making this year and this month very, very powerful.

Energetically there is always something of a feeling of fate or destiny involved with Eclipses, as they trigger the Nodes of the Moon in our charts and lives.

The Full Moon in Leo emphasizes a need to experience your own “ Will” or to express your creative self or personal needs. The Sun conjunct Mercury and South Node in Capricorn is also in a T square with Uranus the Illuminator, so the energy may involve a desire to struggle or break free of restrictions that are highlighted now. There is an element here too for a need to balance family/work with personal, creative freedoms.

Venus and Jupiter are both in sparkling Sagittarius offering hope, optimism, freedom and the ability to attract this in our lives, which is much needed after a weekend of personal ups and downs.

This weekend, dream big, release the past and SET YOUR COURSE – you have the power this year to change, grow and build your future, as YOU WILL IT!

Play, Howl, Create and Express yourself with Ritual, this is a Magickal portal to both change and ride the wave of the new.

Happy Full Moon Loves!!!

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