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Full “Pink” Moon in Scorpio Monday, April 26th 8:31pm PDT

Sabian Symbol “ A Silvery Moon Shining across a Beautiful Lake”

A powerful Full Moon is upon us, mirroring our deepest selves. This intense and magickal lunation is also a “Supermoon,” when our Earth’s Moon is closest to us in her elliptical orbit and therefore appears bigger and brighter than usual. The instinctual and emotional energy that is present is perfect for deep revelations from our personal and collective underworlds.

What have you repressed or ignored? Shadow work now can be extreme and cathartic. Allow yourself to safely and tenderly release, to emote and be in your personal truth, even if painful.

The polarity between earthy Taurus and watery Scorpio, can be likened to the cycles of body and spirit, life and death, to the receiving and then giving or sharing of ourselves with others.

We have now Uranus, the Prometheus-like planet of revolutionary freedoms, conjoining our Sun, Mercury and Venus and Black Moon Lilith ( the apogee of the Moon) in Taurus, as well as opposing the Moon.

Saturn in Aquarius also squares the Taurean line up and Moon. Saturn is an immutable object, a block, challenge or obstacle, that when we COMMIT to dealing with, becomes a solid ally and support on our journey towards an ever better life for ourselves. Commit to your own healing, to healing our earth, to doing your best for yourself and others.

The way forward now is where you find these planets in your own chart. Build with Taurus, release deeply with Scorpio, commit with Saturn.

Insights, downloads and illuminations can be had, as well as sudden shocking truths. Trusting in our own higher selves, in divine or sacred guidance and “hidden” knowledge is an appropriate way to respond. See your life now in the light of the silvery Moon, where all things may be reflected back to you in new ways.

Use your imagination and intuition as the tools they can be, and wield them to dream your way to evolutionary and unique responses to life’s crises.

Dare to Dream your Passion!

Appropriate Rituals: Divination, Scrying, Drawing down the Moon, Charging Water with Moon energy, Candle Magick.

Bright Moon Blessings!

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