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Gemini New Moon June 3rd, 2019 3:01 am put

Happy New Moon!

I am ALWAYS grateful for the monthly re-birth of Luna and the beginning of a new cycle. The practice of aligning oneself to the patterns of nature allows for constant reminders that we can and do begin again constantly in life. It allows for new viewpoints or awareness’s to come into play, breaking certain kinds of stagnation in thoughts, actions and re-actions. I love the idea that my life can and does get to be “refreshed” consistently!

This new Moon doesn’t make major close aspects to many other planets. There is a 6-degree square to Neptune in Pisces and a 6- and 8-degree opposition to Ceres and Jupiter in Sagittarius RX. So, this isn’t a lot of major interplay. Mercury, ruler of Gemini is also opposing Jupiter loosely- this continues the theme of connections we make in our minds and communications with others being amorphous, nebulous, or inflated and needing review. We KNOW we are in cycle of change, so many structures in our collective being re-fashioned to potentially meet the ever-changing needs of all. The idea of personal and universal “truth” is one of them. This new moon highlights a call to change and renewal in regard to how we each express and understand our truths. Remember to consistently question your beliefs about things. I love Byron Katie’s work on Judgements. She points out that if we have a painful belief about something in our life we can use pointed questions to get to the bottom of our thinking. Ask yourself: “Is it True? (Yes or No) Can you absolutely know that it’s true? (Yes or no.) How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought? Who would you be without the thought? “*

This new Moon is a call to change and renewal to rebirth our personal expression and connections into a life that is more fully our own and at one with others. Gemini also portends a cross roads; a decision or threshold one can cross to take your life in a new direction.

“Heed the call and awake to the new light of day”

For those that are Magickly inclined, here is a ritual for finding the truth from

This is a simple spell to help you reveal the truth about any situation. It can be helpful if you feel that something is being purposefully hidden from you, or if you seek clarity about any situation in your life.

For this truth spell, you will need: A lapis lazuli gemstone (must be cleansed before use – do this by soaking the stone in water with a pinch of sea-salt, or by holding it over a lit stick of incense, cleansing it with the smoke) or alternatively a lapis lazuli orgonite, which does not need cleansing A white or purple candle

Performing the truth spell Center and ground yourself, then cast your circle. Light the candle in front of you and meditate on the light of the flame for a few minutes, clearing your mind of all thought as best you can. Then, take the lapis lazuli crystal into your hand. Close your eyes and see a bright white flame with your mind’s eye. See the flame growing larger and larger, filling the whole circle with light. Make this light as strong as you can and hold this image for a minute or so. Then, send this light into the crystal you are holding. Visualize the lapis stone absorbing all the light inside the circle, until it glows brighter than a thousand flames. Repeat the following incantation: May the truth I seek Be revealed to me, May the hidden come to light, So mote it be. Close the circle. The lapis lazuli crystal is now enchanted to reveal the truth of any situation. Before you go to sleep, place the crystal under your pillow, and intend for the truth to be revealed to you in your dreams. (You don’t need to remember your dreams for this to work – the truth will come to you in the form of intuition

As always reach out to me for more info on my readings!

Blessed be! photo by Tiffany Combs

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