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Gemini New Moon: May 22nd 2020 10:38 am PST

At a New Moon, the Sun and Moon share the same degree and together birth a new energy cycle for the next 28 days.

All New Moons encourage us to create new life for ourselves after experiencing “lack of light” in the dark moon of previous days, and this can include the inspiration to move ourselves OUT of old modes of being, as well as providing the seeds of new life in the form of fresh ideas for our future. The Sabian Symbol for this sign is: THE CHARMING COURT LIFE AT THE GARDEN OF THE TUILERIES IN PARIS and was intuited by Psychic Else Wheeler 80 years ago. This provides a visual framework for the need for us to actively imagine and create beauty and form in the midst of any chaos or uncertainty.

Our New Moon in Gemini joins the Sun, it’s “ruler” Mercury and Venus in Retrograde. With four Major players all in the sign of Gemini; communication, thinking and especially the “relativity” of what is “truth” is highlighted. Mercury, our messenger god is also EXACTLY at the degree of Venus RX-this is an important clue to how to work with this time, we must go within ourselves to find our own answers, to sort through the data in order to find personal understanding and conclusions.

There is a collective need for relational kindness, for positive communication, but there are crossing aspects to negotiate- a square with Neptune and Mars in Pisces to Mercury/Venus and Sun/Moon respectively. Unfortunately clear communication, thinking and the creation of strategies are obscured with the “unreality” of imaginative Neptune/Mars in Pisces. With Neptune involved we get visionary, spiritual, illusory and deceptive all at the same time- and this makes everything a little surreal. There may also be a lack of patience and some disappointment to contend with. We can leave behind old paradigms through a connection to Pluto, Saturn and Asteroid goddess Pallas Athene provide our Moon down to earth support and show us how to get back to work-helping with re-structuring or protocols to move forward.

This Moon REQUIRES you to take charge of what you are thinking and saying, by diving into and exploring collective and personal information, judgements and more.

Here is a wonderful Ritual to do this week for Clear and Truthful Communication

Ritual: Invoking Hermes/Mercury Adapted from the Book Winter- RITUALS TO THRIVE IN THE DARK CYCLE OF THE SAECULUM By Jo Graham

Mercury/ Hermes rules communication and media and should be invoked to bring clarity and truth in messages. The purpose of this rite is to turn negative interactions into positive ones and falsehood into truth. Some of this takes place in sacred space, which involves stating your intentions. However, intentions without follow-through are just words. The last steps of this ritual, actually making the second and third offerings you plan, must be done outside of sacred space in the days to come. The Rite You will need: • A gold or yellow candle • Incense and a burner, preferably frankincense • Something with which to light the candle and incense • Your computer or phone (or however you access the internet) Light the gold or yellow candle and a fresh stick or cone of incense. Take a few moments to breathe deep and center. Hold in your mind the image of Mercury, running fleet-footed to deliver messages accurately and truthfully. You are going to make an offering to him, a gift that gives both to him and to its human recipients. "Hermes/Mercury, god of Communication and Media, of clear and truthful news and information, of messages used for positive means, help me to use media to bring light and happiness rather than pain and suffering. May my offerings be to your honor." The First Offering Consider someone you admire. Perhaps it's an author or an actor or artist whose work you have always enjoyed, or a public figure or local business with whom you have had great experiences—but it should be someone you do not know personally. Now give them something right now. You are sitting at your computer. Maybe it's an amazing review on Yelp or Amazon, or a fantastic testimonial on Etsy or Goodreads. It should be all positive. It should not equivocate or criticize. This is an offering, a gift of the best. Tell someone you don't know how much you have appreciated their work. As you do, you may feel a sense of satisfaction. You may feel happy. Imagine how pleased this person will be when they read your words! Imagine their pleasure and joy. Imagine that you are making their day, and that even though you will not see their happiness, you are giving happiness to someone who has given happiness to you. Say, "Hermes/Mercury, I give this in your honor." The Second Offering Consider someone you know casually who has helped you, or who has brought you pleasure. Maybe it's the pharmacist who straightened out your prescription, or the bus driver who waited for you when it was raining. If you are able to right now, at your computer, thank them. Send them an email. Post a review publicly praising them. Say, "Hermes/Mercury, I give this in your honor." You can also take action such as leaving them a generous tip next time you see them, or talking to their boss and telling them how fantastic they are. Imagine the positive consequences of your action. Imagine their unexpected joy. Imagine how the review may help them, how the tip will allow them to do something they need or want to do, how the word to their boss may improve their lives. Imagine the trail of happiness you are creating. Say, "Hermes/Mercury, I swear to do this in your honor." Make sure that you follow through on your promise to the god. The Third Offering Consider someone you know well and care about. Perhaps this is a dear friend or a family member. Perhaps it's a parent or a child, a spouse or partner, or a new friend you have just welcomed into your life. Think of something you particularly love about them. If you want to email them or call them right now, in sacred space, you can do so. Tell them that they're awesome and why you think so. Tell them that you're glad they’re in your life. Tell them how much you love the thing you identified—they’re kind, insightful, funny, charming, generous, brave, strong. Revel in their pleasure at being complimented. If you are not able to tell them right now how much you appreciate them, say, "Hermes/Mercury, I will do this in your honor." Plan how you will do it and do it in the next few days. Make sure that you keep your promise to the god. When you have either completed your offerings or planned how you will do so, say, "Hermes, thank you for helping me communicate positively and truthfully." Put out the candle and incense.

Art-Johfra Bosschart

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