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I am excited to announce my new book, coming in Autumn 2021!

Hi All!

I am excited to announce my new book, coming in Autumn 2021-

Rathsheba Here! The Ouija Board sessions.”

This is an actual record of more than 40 years of carefully detailed sessions that my Mother, her close friend Patricia and I participated in, utilizing the Oujia Board to speak with various Spirit Guides for personal and collective guidance. When my Mother passed away last year I came into possession of more than half a dozen handwritten records of our amazing and interesting communication from the “invisible world.” I thought it should be shared, as it contains both information and tools for personal self development that can benefit EVERYONE!

Here’s a short excerpt.


Sun: Aries

Moon: Pisces

“Don’t Promise what you can’t Deliver,” my Mother said aloud as she held her fingers lightly over the planchette of the Ouija board. It began to move quickly and smoothly, spelling out words, stopping when it finished sentences.

“ We never promise anything. We only tell you what we see.”

“Do you say what you see in our minds or outside of them?” her friend Patricia asked.

“ We say what exists in your Karmic records” the board responded.

“ What exactly ARE karmic records and do you see them as one?” Mom asked.

“ They are a record of all that is and all that will be” responded the guide, who named itself Tustir.

“Time is a spiral looking down. Time is indefinable. We can see an entire soul and it’s personalities. Actually, Soul IS personality…”

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