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It’s Aquarius Season!

For the next 30 days or so we will be experiencing the energetic “transmission” of the sign of Aquarius. The style or quality of Aquarius is quite different from Capricorn though they share the same traditional ruler- Saturn. The planet Uranus was discovered in 1781(by William Herschel an amateur astronomer/ telescope lens maker/musician) it took many decades to be given any sign rulership- and even then this was hotly debated. As late as 1909 Alan Leo wrote that Uranus hadn’t been given a definitive sign ruler, but Aquarius was most often suggested. Its taken over 200 years for Astrologers to pretty much mutually decide after OBSERVANCE that Uranus has some dominion with Aquarius. The quality of the correspondences of the planets movements connect with the ancient and traditional qualities of the sign- iconoclast, airy, freedom loving, cold and dry. My late Mother had Aquarius prominent in her Natal Chart. She had a strong Moon in Aquarius and a Stellium in the 11th house. In many ways she lived the epitome of an Aquarian lifestyle- she raised her three children for many years in a communal counter culture household with very few rules, she was an avid student of the occult and natural sciences. She was an Astrologer AND an electronics engineer as well as part of an International Investigative team headed by a former FBI officer. She only married briefly. Her friends were her family and she also lived for these relationships. Aquarius is known to be in “pop” Astrology as a friendly and intellectual sign, interested in broad philosophies and integrated structures. The myth of Saturn ( Cronus) castrating his father (Ouranos) has many connections with the shadow side of Aquarius. They can be be dogmatic, unfeeling .. the new (young/technology) as destroyer of the old/traditional (conservative) ...however we also have the myth of Prometheus being assigned to Aquarius. The tools of technology, knowledge and more being given to ALL, egalitarianism .....Remember the symbol of Aquarius is “ the water bearer” a woman pouring water (Energy? Knowledge?) into the sea of consciousness. If you are an Aquarius Sun- happy Solar return! It’s no wonder some of the biggest protests of the year are held in your season. You do not shirk from what needs to be improved, you care about your concepts and ideas, about values and your fellows... If you have personal planets or angles of chart in Aquarius there will be a general “enlightening” for you now. What needs to be enlightened or illuminated? What can you improve? Do not forget to bring in Venus’s relating energy if you have a big project to accomplish. Peace, Charm, and a general caring about and taking into consideration others needs will help soften any revolutionary energy you need to make changes and improvements now.

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