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Jupiter Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius: Monday 12/21 10:20am PST Winter Solstice, Capricorn Ingress

Shadow and Light

Sabian Symbol for Jupiter/ Saturn Conjunction : An Old Adobe Mission*

The Light: Spiritual retreats in natural surroundings. Finding new areas to work with spirit. Creating civilization out of natural elements. Hard work to create places of sanctuary and learning. Forging links to new worlds. Missions and missionaries. Bringing faith to the “new world”. Brotherhoods. Places that house and protect.

The Shadow: Dogmatism. Pushing beliefs and ideas on others. Believing one’s spiritual and religious beliefs contain all the answers. Taking over others' lives. Moving in and taking control. Monuments to the past sagging and fading. People moving in on others. Cults.*

Much has been written about the upcoming Great Conjunction and Grand Mutation. Astrologers, Astronomers, Scientists, Journalists, Bloggers, Know it Alls, Trend Setters, Influencers and more have weighed in on this amazing occurrence happening on our Winter Solstice here in the northern hemisphere. We know that Saturn and Jupiter conjunct every 20 years in their orbits, but the truth is, we haven’t seen anything like this particularly tight conjunction in modern history, so can only speculate on the meaning, impact or effect of two of our most important “traveling stars” (as our Astrologer ancestors called the planets) becoming ONE in a new elemental cycle. These two “stars” have always been Astrologically connected with the birth of a king or ruler, a change of direction in society, and in a new element a new dynasty or paradigm. In Aquarius we have the element of Air, representing thought, ideas, energy, the invisible forces that guide, connect and unite us. Aquarius is about the collective, which is always the work of the Ruler, It’s freedom from the known too as well as understanding- that we are all #inthistogether

This calls to mind lyrics from the U2 song “ONE”

“Well it's too late tonight To drag the past out into the light We're one but we're not the same We get to carry each other, carry each other One!”

If you look up into the night sky Sunday or Monday you will see both of our last visible planets connected, looking like an elongated star. This is impactful to us on earth, a message in Astrology’s synchronistic way of mapping the foundational forces that lie behind our conscious minds. Astrology’s meaningful interpretation of Astronomy provides context and direction for those who wish to escape the materialistic, mechanistic universe of non-meaning. Signs and symbols point the way. Yes, it’s been since 1405 that these two planetary bodies representing our societal ethos and zeitgeist have met in Aquarius, possibly heralding the European Renaissance. But, what I suggest you do now, is look for your own synchronicities, meaningful occurrences and personal experience. This is how you can truly experience the Astrology of now, and come to your own re-birth. I will tell you, having experienced two Great Conjunctions in my own life that they are more than impactful, they can be miraculous ( Jupiter), especially if you do the work ( Saturn).

In the last Great Conjunction, which also included a lineup of planets in Taurus, I had a miracle of my own, when my newborn child, who was very sick with an idiopathic (mysterious, undiagnosed) seizure disorder- suddenly became well. His neurologist, pediatrician and the other specialists he was seeing couldn’t explain it, they didn’t understand why- and told me that life and medicine is mysterious and science doesn’t have all the answers. I knew though, that I possibly was rewarded with Jupiter and Saturn in my own 5th house, (the House of children) for doing the work of seeing every medical specialist in every genre from traditional to esoteric, to prayer for my baby from every religion and faith I knew, to slipping a petition for his health into the wailing wall of Jerusalem, to casting my Magick circle and doing every spell I knew to help him, to asking the gods to intercede… And it worked. Today he is a beautiful healthy, perfect young man.

This is time for big Magick folks, and its important to understand some work will need to be done to get the reward. You may have keep the faith, keep going, work long hours, study, be conscientious, OPEN to new ideas, put yourself in another shoes, not think YOU have all the answers, keep yourself nimble, humble and more… and if WE do this…. MIRACLES CAN, and DO happen, and where you find this conjunction in your personal Astrology you can carve out a new life, filled with Jupiter’s joy and expansion, and Saturn’s stability and longevity.

Here is some insight on what arena of life you can transform, based on your Sun and Rising Sign. Read both for greater understanding, or look to your chart for exactly where 0 Aquarius falls.

Aries: Your Light; is the opportunity to create an expanded new community of friends and allies, it’s time get out of your shell and do SOMETHING for the world. Your Shadow; is that you will have to work to do this. Remember it takes being a friend, being kind, tolerant and giving to get it back. You are the Ram, a natural bad ass, use that to win friends and influence people in 2021

Taurus: Your Light; is the opportunity to find a new direction, new vocation and LIFE!! This is Big stuff Taurus and you can have doors open all year. The Shadow; You can’t be lazy. You need to do the work, get your resume out there and show up to be seen. Remember, use your stubborn strength to persevere and YOU WILL!

Gemini: Your Light, is you may get to finally expand yourself. Travel, education, legal matters, even spiritual philosophies are highlighted. You could go far this year and “graduate” with honors. The Shadow; you need to stay positive, do the work, open your mind to sometimes not knowing every little step along the way. Be curious – but balanced too.

Cancer: Your Light; You are getting support. Monetarily, physically, emotionally. Open yourself to being not in charge and feel what it feels like to be taken care of by life. The Shadow; you will need to let go of control regarding money and assets. Be humble with others and accept graciously as you show your mature vulnerability. It’s ok to be tender and tough.

Leo: Your Light; It’s time to allow yourself to be in a healthy, balanced, joyous and equal partnership. This is what is possible for you now. The Shadow; You will need to commit to compromise, to give as much as you can and to hang in there if things don’t always go your way. Baby, it’s worth it.

Virgo: Your Light; Your work and day to day life gets an exciting new re-birth. Have you ever wanted to work while traveling? Or never commute again? This also falls into your health sector. If you were sick you can find a cure, or you find that the new freedom you have every day makes you joyously well. The Shadow; you may need to commit to your freedom, to break rules or stick to a discipline to make the new life work. Virgo, you CAN DO IT!

Libra: Your Light; You get to have fun. It’s time to birth new things, babies and art and romantic experiences with interesting people. Your Shadow; you are going to have to make some hard choices, to commit to a creative direction and then be responsible to the creations you birth by taking care of them diligently. Water your Plants Libra.

Scorpio: Your Light; Something is expanding in your foundation. Your family, your home even your deepest inner sanctum of personal self-confidence. You know you are a Phoenix, you sense it ever deeper this year. Time for another re-birth. Your Shadow; Sometimes we have to stand alone, sometimes we have to fight for and endure difficulty before seeing our immortal power and light. Scorpio, You ARE strength. FEEL YOUR POWER

Sagittarius: Your Light; You find new ways to expand your personal mindset. Your communicative channel, your connections. You write a book, birth a new insight, start a podcast and otherwise share your light. Your Shadow; Sometimes the idea of working hard for things, to staying the course, not giving up and chasing a new, brighter rainbow is tough for you. It’s important to keep doing what you love, even if it’s a pain in the ass right now. It will pay off in the long run.

Capricorn: Your Light; Capricorn likes to be in control of most things, except the things it finds to be a pain in the ass. This year, Capricorn you need to manage the resources you have and will have in the coming year. The IMMENSE hardships you have endured over the last couple years (or dozen) pay off now. Money, real estate, tangible products you’ve agonizingly created, get rained on you in 2021. The Shadow; You have to manage and preserve what you get. It’s kind of finite and you won’t get another chance like this in a dozen years. It’s a pain in the ass but YOU’RE A CAPRICORN.

Aquarius: Your Light; YOU get recognized, get offered things like promotions, your own TV show, reverence and appreciation. You feel that FINALLY, you aren’t a complete outsider people GET YOU!!! This is your BIG YEAR. Your Shadow; With great power comes great RESPONSIBILTY! You need to commit this year to being a leader with kindness, an open, adjusting viewpoint and connected heart.

Pisces: Your Light; It’s time for big realizations, for creative potentials to begin to be put OUT into the word instead of just in your dreams. You can heal long standing old paradigms of hurt, that you aren’t enough, you can find therapy that works too. You are getting ready for re-birth. You will see a taste this summer as you prepare for your close up in 2022. Your Shadow; It’s hard to seek out our inner demons and heal them, however as Carl Jung said “ You don’t become enlightened by imaging figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious”.

* Lynda Hills sabian symbols Artwork: Starry, Starry Night by Ron Cantrell

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