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Leo Full Moon 11:33 pm PST February 8th 2020

The Leo Full Moon comes like the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, and a long strange trip it’s been- through the eclipses and their dark relating to the Saturn / Pluto meat grinder conjunction. This "Snow Moon" is also a "perigee" Moon closest to Earth and larger and brighter than normal. Though the Leo energy is warm after this cold, cold winter- our monthly Sun and Moon opposition is galvanized by a few major aspects. We have a Moon/ Mars Trine, adding rocket fuel to the emotional pride and power grab of Leo- but then there is a Quincunx with Neptune in Pisces. A Quincunx or 150 degree aspect makes integration of energies difficult. Here we have Neptune’s higher love and Leo’s personal love at a kind of odds. Like two people in a relationship who just can’t quite make their own needs work together. We also have a square to Vesta in Taurus- she asks us to find a common goal in caring for our beautiful earth and it’s living creatures but the human ego needs vs ideals fight for supremacy and can potentially hurt us now. Thinking of the energy of Aquarius, objective, group- orientated and egalitarian at odds with Leo’s subjective, personal power focus, shows polarity at work. Whether it is love or money, career or family, spiritual or psychological growth we need to be able to balance our own needs with the needs of others and this is a great challenge now. With this full Moon our Sun’s condition is important as it has rulership over the sign of Leo. The Aquarius Sun is trine Juno in Libra, pointing to the need for some kind of contractual mediation and balance of each sides needs. Asteriod Goodess Juno is about commitment, the commitment we make to ourselves and others. We aren’t by any means done with the process of restructuring and re-framing of the past and of envisioning our common future. This will be a goal up till the Saturn/ Jupiter conjunction of December 2020. However, the ongoing Neptune in Pisces experience- of deep murkiness, depth and illusion made many of us feel were almost lost in the Cancer/Capricorn eclipses. Now, we get a shot of energy to move through. Like a sacred torch held high for all to see- this Leo Moon has the potential to teach us how to keep going through the “Long Day’s Journey into Night”. This weekend try a fire ritual to dig deep into your inner source of inspiration and hope. Try this little ritual from Imagine the cycle of the moon as one big breath. During the new moon, we inhale, taking in all we wish to accomplish + the positivity of the unknown. For full moon, we exhale, letting go of negative energies + tying up loose ends. Energy is crazy high during a full moon. This is the time to use that energy + get rid of everything that’s been weighing you down or holding you back. Set yourself up in an area that brings peace + happiness. If you have the opportunity, make a small fire outside under the moon. If you can’t make a fire, burning incense or a candle works well, too! Gather your thoughts + focus on your breath. Dissolve distractions + be completely present with yourself and the world around you. Think about anything that is troubling you ~ a self-limiting belief, negative emotion, bad habit, toxic person, difficult situation, anything. Write it all down! The more detailed you are, the more you will let go! Read everything you wrote down. Picture what it would feel like for it all to dissolve away into the atmosphere. Do you feel a euphoric sense of freedom? How would it change your world? When you feel ready, it’s time to to release. If you built a fire, throw your paper into the pit. If you’re working with a candle, light the corner of your paper on fire + set it in a bowl. Let go of everything holding you back ~ let it burn out of your system. Spend the next few weeks tying up loose ends + preparing for rapid growth + expansion. Start thinking about your next wishes for the New Moon! Art by @shewhois

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