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Leo Full Moon 2/16/2022 8:56 am PST

“Conceptual melodies.”

Sabian Symbol

“Many little birds on the limb of a large tree”

This is a symbol of the transcendence of the lesser things in life- by a continual expansion of higher considerations, or of the individual’s ability in a crisis to center his attention on the enduring orientations through which he gains his own assurance*

Welcome to the Leo Full Moon- offering us the culmination of a long drama, perhaps also an understanding or realization of our own power within the drama, as well as the ability to consistently regenerate ourselves in the light of awareness of our power.

Moon has recently passed close aspects with Saturn and Pluto in the journey towards wholeness and we can get a sense of having had endured and survived trials.

Full Moons make things POP, and this dramatic Moon can make us both more emotional as well as energized and inspired. It’s a time to both do great things and to have courage.

Leo is fixed fire, shining the light of deep creativity, reminding us that we each have within us the energy to be and become all that arises or rouses within our heart center.

This Full Moon activates our newest Nodal Axis, the Moon's own Nodes, now in Taurus/Scorpio- as well as fiery and martial Eris in Aries. We may feel that the situations we are in seem fated- or at the least out of our control now- remember we always have some control, certainly of our response- if you’re triggered now, try not to overreact or react too aggressively. Center yourself on your desire, focus on your truth, ask the Universe for what you want in a situation.

Leo Moon can be fun, maybe it is time to break through the blahs and trials and hardships with play, with encouragement, inspiration, and the cultivation of your personal joy.

Regardless of the weather where you are, you can bask in the warmth of this Moon energetically. Focus on the courage, strength, and creative fire available now to move forward.



*Sabian Symbols Mark Edmund Jones

Art Mick Jagger by Kimberly Lindbergs

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