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Leo Full Moon 2/5/23 10:29 am PST

Individuation is a philosophical, spiritual and mystical experience


A Full Moon happens when the physical Moon, in its orbit around Earth is between the Earth and Sun. As it moves it “waxes” or grows in visibility. The Moon’s light however is simply reflected, like a mirror from our Sun- yet the two work together as our night and day Luminaries!

All Lunar cycles express themselves uniquely, dependent upon the sign of the Zodiac they are in, and the aspects or relationships the Moon makes to the planets of our solar system.

These aspects reach into human consciousness, permeating the web of our shared experience, and can be very personal based on an individuals natal Astrological make up.

A Leo Full Moon is generally powerfully felt, dramatic and dynamic. The sign of Leo is “ruled” by the element of Fire and it’s mode is Fixed. This is energy that burns bright, and is stable, that functions from a center. During the Leo Full Moon we may feel more urgently the need to be heard, to express ourselves creatively and to get attention for our own Individual/special needs or wants.

However, we are in the time of Airy Aquarius, when the objective group’s mind/think/need is the prevailing priority. The opposing factors of individual vs group/society/organization are more clearly felt. To add to this, Aquarius’s modern planetary ruler Uranus “squares” the opposition aspect, creating a T square, energetically adding to the feeling that something is blocking us- or creating turbulence in our personal grasps for security, acceptance or ease. We may feel suddenly on our own or isolated- however the general quality of this time calls for creative, and future leaning visionary trust.

Trust especially that your own unique contributions to the world/group/society are enough- to be kept safe, loved, and rewarded by it, as well as trust that the LIFE and your own journey of self awareness- the “individuation” process can reveal itself personally, that you/we can marvel in our own ever expanding consciousness!

Chiron trines the lunation and Mars sextiles, both helpful aspects, both pointing towards perhaps taking action on any hurts we have. As Mars is in Gemini, being thoughtful, getting “Just the facts Ma’am” is in order. We may feel like Roaring like a Lion about something, but first let’s check out the accuracy of our reactions.

Leo’s Key Word is “ I Will”- use this as a Mantra during the Full Moon time if you are feeling down, isolated or unclear. If you want a job, a lover, a clean house, a new car, social justice, a good mood or whatever add “ I will – to the beginning of your statement “ I will___” and see what magick you can make.

Here’s the Gayatra Mantra also, to remind you how you an bring the energy of Leo’s planetary ruler the SUN into yourself. Visualize the Sun rays streaming into the world and directly into our own heart center as you speak aloud these words

“ Your who are the source of all power,

Whose rays illuminate the whole world,

Illuminate also my heart,

So that it too, can do your work”

YOU ARE A GOD-GODDESS a divine CREATOR yourself!


Happy Full Moon!


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