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Leo New Moon: August 8th, 2021 6:49 am PDT

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

"Solar Fire"


Occult tradition speaks of three kinds of “Fire”: Electric fire, Solar Fire and Fire by friction. The three Fire signs of the zodiac correspond to these. Leo represents Solar Fire, an energy which is released from integrated persons, either through spontaneous radiations, or at the truly human and conscious level... through conscious emanations. **

The “Solar Fire” of the Zodiac sign of Leo captures our Moon in Sunday’s lunar event. Physically, the appearance of phases of the Moon are wholly dependent on the light of the Sun reflected upon it. In a new Moon, symbolically, the emanating light or “mind” of the Sun meets the “soul” of the Moon. Together, they are they are the “spark” of being and becoming that creates a new cycle of growth.

The Sun is most powerful now in Leo, its sign of rulership. It is the King of our Solar System after all, and its powers “outshine” and weaken all planets that conjoin to it closely- this is called Combustion.

In the dark of the Moon’s waning light we can feel emotionally weakened, as the Moon represents our emotional nature and feelings of instinctual safety. At the New Moon our inner flow may now be “replaced” by the Suns agitated, external fire. Mercury in Leo also conjoins the event too, our rational mind and sober communication may be displaced by ego, drama and desire now.

The active and passionate nature of the Sun and Moon in Leo opposes cold Saturn in Aquarius and squares Promethean Uranus in Taurus. This “activates” the Saturn/Uranus square- the major theme of 2021, bringing up again, many of the issues we are working on collectively: fear of the past and future, preservation vs change, revolution and (de) evolution. As volatile as this time is, it is also filled with potency of creative change, insight, significance and power.

Use this New Moon personally for the potency to achieve the light of your own desire, to dive into creative and heart centered activates and pursuits. Other suggestions to work with the Moon:

-Find where the middle degrees of Leo fall in your chart wheel by house and make 5 wishes along the themes of this place.

-Recite this wonderful prayer called the “Gayatri.” “ You who are the source of all power, whose rays illuminate the world, illuminate also my heart, so that it can do your work.” As you do, visualize the Sun’s rays streaming forth their power into the world, reflecting on the surface of the Moon and entering your heart, then streaming forth from your heart’s center back into the world. This is a powerful and life enhancing prayer.

You can manifest deep magick and change now. Seek and find your light!



Art by JeszikaLeVye *Gayatri from Ralph Blums’s The Book of Runes **excerpted from Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala

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