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Libra Equinox September 23rd 2019

Happy Mabon/ Autumnal Equinox! This is a time to observe the turn of the Earth towards the new. The Earth spins round always, and now the light and dark are in balance.

As Libra season begins, the Sun is in Opposition to Chiron, the “maverick” body that has the most arguably unusual orbit in the Solar System. Chiron’s polarity to the Sun dennotes Healing and the healing journey through relationships; with others, with ourselves.

Our Moon in Cancer is also about heart healing- and it connects closely with Mercury, then Neptune, Pluto and Mars. There are different relationships there, with the connections we make in our mind, the illusions we have, what we need to transform and the actions we do or don’t take towards this.

We realize we learn the most in our lives through this “cosmic reflection”. People break our hearts, betray us- we also do the same TO ourselves… then, we learn. We learn about the true source of power and the poetry of raising our own consciousness. Through this darkness, this integration- we attempt our personal journey to a kind of wisdom. The wisdom of enlightenment- through our relationship to pain.

The late Astrologer Dawn Bodorggi says about this aspect: “There is a pull about the whole thing ( the opposition). Unlike Pluto, which pries our fingers off whatever we are trying to hold on to that doesn’t suit our progress, the Chiron clinging we do is often about denial–denial of who we really are, and the wise person we can be. This can be a glue more sticky than Saturn. We are, all of us whether we consciously know it or not, hungry for knowledge and meaning here.”

As we move closer to the longest night, reach into a deeper connection with your source of pain and woundedness and see what is real and what is not.

Celebrate the balance of dark with light within you. I will be lighting candles and making some wrongs right this day.

You are beautiful. Blessings, 💜💗☀️🌙⭐ Michelle

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