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Lunar Eclipse/Aquarius Full Moon

“Love and Truth”

Lunar Eclipse- Full Moon in Aquarius Friday 7/27 1:20 pm pt

Mercury Retrograde in Leo 7/26

A lunar eclipse is when the earths shadow blocks out the brightest night of the lunar cycle. Astrologically the Moon symbolizes our unconscious/ subconscious self and is related to instinct and connectedness. With a lunar eclipse energetically we can feel disconnected and “ in the dark” emotionally.

Our Sun/Moon polarity is in Leo/Aquarius the axis of “ Love and Truth”.

Full moon is also between Mars in Aquarius, out of bounds and retrograde AND the south node of the Moon. Mercury is also newly retrograde in Leo.

Issues from our past can be completed now as they arise.

Karma via relationships, trials around communication, our “ stories “ about what is truth and the patterns of thought we have been feeding join feeling stuck, stagnant, judging self and others, feeling “ alienated” (Aquarius shadow) or not getting the special attention (Leo shadow) we may feel we need. An eclipse is a powerful, supercharged portal for transforming and evolving- often through crisis.

Aquarius- the rebel activist can often feel alienated or divided, feeding the artificially constructed reality that we are separate, different and alone.

The key to navigating this “crisis” is the higher aspect of Leo north node- prompting us to follow our heart center, the seat of the ancient soul that radiates the HIGHER TRUTH of this opposition- we are EACH UNIQUE AND SPECIAL BUT CONNECTED.

Our groups can contain our specialness but are stronger when we feel our interdependence and similarities as Leo/Aquarius bring us a

subjective/objective theme- we can have freedom with love.

Uranus as the ruler of this eclipse squares the Sun/Moon and brings lighting strikes of revelation- surprising us all by illuminating all of the above and more into our collective conversation.

This is an especially REVOLUTIONARY and powerful time.

As our collective “pot” is being stirred by forces beyond us, work on YOUR UNIQUE PART of the recipe. Examine your inner experience, have faith, find balance and channel your heart energy into LOVE AND SERVICE, POSITIVITY AND FLOW. YOU ARE NEEDED to help the world’s sadness and imbalance by focusing your powerful energy and perspective into a positive manifestation of the future as you release the past with grace.

This week as you perform your rituals of release and worship, try adding in this beautiful Buddhist prayer

“May I be at Peace

May my heart remain open

May I awaken to the light of my own true nature

May I be healed

May I be a source of healing for all beings”

Be blessed I am sending you all light and much much love (photo by@nevarmur)

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