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Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 10/28/23 1:23 pm PDT

First, happy Scorpio Season- tis the season of the Witch, where the veil is thin between worlds. Within the season's first week we have the last eclipse of 2023- which is also the last eclipse in the Taurus/Scorpio axis for 9 years. For those with prominent planets and angles and Scorpio and Taurus, and to a lesser degree Leo and Aquarius- congratulations on navigating the last several years. Now – time for the new!

Lunar Eclipse are Super Full Moons, and this eclipse is a North Node one- where the Sun’s reflected light on our Moon is partially obstructed by the Earth’s ecliptic path or orbit around the Sun. At the event Sun, Mercury, Mars, and dwarf planet Ceres all line up in a powerful Scorpionic combination.

Full Moon’s always oppose the Sun- and bring Lunar energy to the forefront. Dreams and intuitions, interior visions, emotions, and feelings of all sorts are emphasized. In an eclipse, we have a small interruption of the “broadcast.” This can trigger events as eclipses can also be portals, doorways to another place literally or figuratively.

In Taurus, ruled by Venus- we find both relating and resourceful practicality at play.

Venus is in Virgo, noted as it’s fall- yet it is also trine Jupiter which is conjoined the Moon. Venus thus is strengthened now, which gives “power to her powers” of attraction and relatedness, beauty, resources, pleasure, and general ability to get along.

The Sabian symbol (intuited symbols for each degree of the Zodiac) gives us further clue to how the "quality” of the specific energy may manifest.


What distances do you feel that you need to span? Are there situations where you need to reach out to others? Are you feeling the weight of separation and loneliness? Is there something you can do to bring disparate situations or people together? Are you the bridge itself?

This Symbol speaks of the ability, or the necessity, of being a bridge for yourself or others in order to link people, things, places or understanding.

People who act like bridges provide a great service for others as they make it possible to overcome limitations and to move forward. To build a bridge takes time, tools, energy, help and perseverance. Once it is completed, the dangers that it spans are no longer of any real concern, or, at least, the people can rely on getting across to the other side as there’s a space that’s been made for crossing over” -Lynda Hill’s

This energy of themes of resources and relationships, building bridges to span issues, creating ways to get along is highly emphasized- even as all the Scorpio planetary energy may show up as demanding and ruthless.

Moon and Jupiter combined are also sextile Saturn, suggesting that tenacity and perseverance combined with hope, faith and intuitive guidance can win the day.

Spend time conversing with ancestors, fair folk, spirits, gods, or nature for further guidance.

I am betting you will get some major signs, symbols, and synchronicities this weekend!

Much Love,


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Image by Paul Brooks

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