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Lunar Penumbral Eclipse in Capricorn July 4th 2020 9:44pm PDT

Sabian Symbol on Capricorn 14: AN ANCIENT BAS-RELIEF CARVED IN GRANITE REMAINS A WITNESS TO A LONG-FORGOTTEN CULTURE- “I think that for the vast majority of people this Symbol can be telling us to let go of the past – the memories that aren’t good for us – the issues that keep us stuck. How long can we continue to dig in the dirt for clues? What is the use of it? (from Lynda Hills Sabian Symbol Oracle)

Eclipses are portals, thresholds, resets and rebirths.

An eclipse on your Natal Sun or Moon sign and degree can represent the exit of an individual or project represented by the respective luminary (men/father or career/work for Solar eclipses and women/mother or emotions/relationships for Lunar).

The recent Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5th, and this one in Capricorn bookend the Cancer Solar one on the Solstice- A rare Summer trio in a very busy Astrological Season.

The past is highlighted with a Capricorn/ Cancer eclipse, and its ruler Retrograde. There is a focus on leaving behind something deeply ancestral or cultural.

It’s interesting the image of a Bas Relief in the Sabian Symbol, illustrating ties to the current throwing down of Confederate monuments and other oppressive representations of a past history of colonialism, human rights oppression, racism and more in the United States.

With Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto Retrograde we are looking behind us collectively, into the past for revision, for review in order to repair and re-envision of our future.

Asteroid Goddess Vesta ( she of the sacred flame, and Vestal Virgins) conjuncts the Sun exactly and Mercury RX within 6 degrees.

It’s essential to keep developing inner security, to settle in for a time to your home base wherever you are). Here there is strength and security.

Moon lines up in the same sign as Jupiter, Saturn ( now at the critical degree of 29 Capricorn), Pluto and Pallas Athene.

We may feel a little bleak, like it’s slow going, Pallas tells us to develop strategies of coping and to try and see the big picture. It’s definitely a marathon year energetically, so pace yourself! Moon’s trine to Uranus may bring a lightbulb moment- you can get glimpses of the future and some understanding now. It may be that we also see some help with the pandemic, economy or even current civil rights labors via the technology field.

Chiron, Black Moon Lilith cross our Moon and it’s likely we feel a little wounded and possibly angry- it’s true we have been hurt, but it is important to not act out in kind.

A prevailing trust in the process of change is important, we are holding space for a great re- birth and must do the work of societal mid-wifery with intention: knowing our power, we contribute to the world everything that is us; our behavior and consciousness, all our actions and re-action our intention, our vision and dreams. We are what we have been waiting for- let us contribute to the great cultural mutation by allowing what needs to go, go.

Blessing, Strength and Support,


See Below for Eclipse insights by Sign. For a Deeper perspective please, read your Sun AND Ascendant.


The action now is future vs past as well as your understanding that actions depend on letting go in order to actively and consciously sculpt your future. You are energized, yet also still focused on some old wounding paradigms. Whatever hurt you in the past is gone. Move on. Take a deep breath and do NOT over react. Think cool thoughts. Healing is imminent.


You are changing and honestly cannot say where you are going and what is truly happening yet. You feel it, hanging over you as the world seemingly falls apart. Remember that times of undoing allow you to create, to rebirth and re-vitalize your life. This Eclipse ends one potential avenue of growth, yet when one door closes another opens. Keep focusing on mental, emotional and spiritual openness and positivity.


You are moving into a time of Change. Things may seem to have come to a head – and there is a focus on the resources you need to move forward. Keep the faith, CULTIVATE a supernatural avenue of trust in the unfolding of the Universe- and in the coming year a road not taken will reveal itself. For now, be practical with money, look at your debts and options for bonuses, loans and other assistance and ask friends for advice and emotional support.


For Cancer this year hasn’t been easy- well it hasn’t been easy for most- it’s been heavy and transformative. The Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse in Cancer two weeks ago may have finalized some change, and now this Lunar Eclipse puts a focus on partners and partnerships (or the lack thereof). What can or what ARE you doing to improve your relationship to relationships? Good news. No MORE eclipses on or opposing your sign this year and potential for more security!!!


Although the outside world may be falling apart, Leo’s are keeping their s@#$ together (mostly). Work has been re-organized and shut down, and you may not feel your best physically- but that doesn’t really affect your fun. Mars in Aries is beaming energy to you to plan on expanding your future- in the future that is. Meanwhile you are learning new skills and perhaps philosophies. By the end of the year your prospects are GREAT, especially in Love.


Virgos are going to FINALLY have some change around work and home. They have had to hold space for everyone lately, especially their partners and whatever change they looked for, hasn’t materialized. In the next 18 months you will see your career, status and direction change course. For now, TRY and carve out some time for creative fun, for love and play, even while staying home or being masked etc. I swear your good attitude will pay off!!


Lovely Libra has been called a “ Polite Aries”, meaning Libra’s like Aries can easily FIGHT for what they believe in. Your fighting may be via social media sharing and orating, but it’s still focusing energy into anything that disturbs your sense of fairness and harmony. This time is especially hard for the beauty loving Libra. The Eclipse in Capricorn joins Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto in your home base; your family and home both may need extra attention now, whatever you can repair can last longer than you’ve dreamed.


Fortunately the heavy energy is only acting out in your place of the mind, communication and travel. You ARE ok, though. The Eclipse beams from the place of daily communication, quick connections and neighborhood. Mercury in Retrograde throws a wrench in your ability to envision your next move. No matter. Keep doing the work of releasing inner blocks to receiving. Uranus in your place of partnerships brings freedom from the past way of relating. Releasing your need to control the future is EXHILIRATING!


So, partners are changing. They may have their big break, or you may choose a break- either way it’s going to be good! Do NOT worry, look to the future, this is where all your energy lies. Though the eclipse is in your money and resources place, do not worry- you will have enough, plenty in fact. You may have to think more about what you are going to DO with the money than trying to drum it up. Mars in Aries trines your sign from the 5th house, will you please have a little quiet quarantine creative fun this month ok?


Lunar Eclipse on YOU Capricorn! Damn, it’s been SO MUCH and it’s almost over. Well at least it’s the LAST eclipse in Capricorn for many years. You may feel triggered or that you need to release, or to be removed from others. There is a focus on ending projects, relationships and more. Continuing to stay the course is essential, even as family or home matters are energized. Give your partners and one on ones love, even if you’re hurting yourself and it will circle back to you. You’re a complete rock star Cap and I am proud of your endurance.


All I can say is this. YOU. ARE. ALMOST. THERE.

Actually, keep your eye on the prize Aquarius and your focus on developing your inner discipline. Knowing that all thoughts rise in the subconscious, you can begin to direct your thoughts in positive and constructive ways. Lots is changing for your mental and emotional and physical health. Emergence of your dream is imminent by years end.


My dearest Pisces. I want you to know you are beautiful and so deep and cosmic. It’s been a tough year for you and you aren’t feeling super strong so go within and connect to your source. Trust, faith, and other “ spiritual” ways and means will help. So much is the process of falling apart and then eventually together this year. Stay connected to whatever community shows up for you. Make art and love, drink tea, dance, listen to music and pray for rain.

image: WashingtonTimes.Net

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