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Gemini New Moon/Solar Eclipse June 10th 2021 3:52 am PDT

“Entering the Stillness”

Our first solar eclipse of the Astrological year is an annular one, where the Moons position allows the Sun’s rays to create a halo effect around it. All eclipses are powerful moments of potential energetic “ re-sets” and this one, ruled by and conjoined with Mercury retrograde, is no exception. However, the main theme here is an inner review and reset, especially around Gemini’s specialty of gathering varied pieces of information and sharing via various channels of communication.

As Gemini is itself a sign concerned with the duality and variety of life’s experience, we are confronted with ideas, which must be sorted through to discover what it true and what is not.

This is the second eclipse in Gemini in the series, the first a lunar event occurred on November 2020. This event also brought themes of information. All Gemini eclipses in this 18 month series are on the North Node. The Nodes of the Moon are elliptical points in space where the Moons Orbit around the Earth meets the Earth’s orbit around Sun.

The North node point is called “ Rahu- Dragon’s head” in Hindu texts and Vedic Astrology. It is said the Dragon “eats” the Sun during the eclipse. Symbolically, these eclipses are about Dharma, taking action and absorbing. In Gemini, this means actions that lean into what the “Data” tells us, rather than adopting “Beliefs” based on subjective feelings, traditions or faiths.

However, discerning facts is still a little difficult. Neptune squares the lunation exactly, making things obscured, invisible, in seed form or unformed as of yet. The key is use focused awareness, and inner silence to “sound out” things. For now,send out your sonar and let your body and mind resonate. You cannot hear this truths without listening first.

Saturn is at 13 Aquarius providing a loose Trine aspect, Saturn in RX itself asks us to review and reflect, to strategize before taking action. Saturn reminds us that when we do the work, we get rewarded, and now the work is revitalizing, reinvigorating, renewing our lives via our mindset, our thinking and more. What is happening may take till Mercury is direct on June 22nd to fully reveal itself, so do your work and wait on “the will of the heavens” for full maturation.

See below for some insight by Sun and Rising on the themes which can Re-set at this threshold event:

Aries: You can change your life by reviewing your own instinctual thought process and take a new approach to learning and communication, especially around connections with siblings and friends.

Taurus: Re-set your values, what is truly important to you. Revitalize your approach to resources and money. Your life is changing and this includes what you own and the work that you are doing. Go with it.

Gemini: Renew your identity! It’s a time of exciting change and you are ready for transformation. Come out of the chrysalis and spread your wings. As you close one door another opens.

Cancer: As you operate very instinctually for security, taking some time this week to look at your subconscious mind, your dreams and instinctual responses will work wonders. Get a journal and start to look at how you think and operate!

Leo: It DOES matter who you hang out with. During the eclipse you can review your community and perhaps let go of groups or friends who are not supporting your best self. Join a new club or get active in organizations that are making a difference in the world!

Virgo: This Eclipse falls in the top of your chart, the place where you are seen by others- and represents a turning point in your career/life direction and ongoing evolution. Let the information that is revealed in the next weeks assist you in this deep and important time.

Libra: Downloads, deeper truths, philosophies, ongoing higher educational opportunities, all these themes can be researched, renewed or rejoiced in now. It’s an exciting time of new beginnings here.

Scorpio: You have an ongoing and deep need to renew yourself cyclically in the primordial mud, (the earth) of life, where you emerge always, like a lotus. This is a time for getting deep with yourself, for renewing your vow to go deep, to foster intimacy and open your heart to receive support.

Sagittarius: You can’t do it all alone Sag, and you know this now. This eclipse is about how you see yourself reflected through the others of the other. Learn to listen, to give and receive. You are blessed to have your one on one relationships and you can stop and learn to be better at it now.

Capricorn: Re engage with your habits and lifestyle choices. Review your commute, your work and diet. What we do every day adds up. Molehills make mountains and adding in small new lifehacks can make a huge difference now.

Aquarius: Re-introduce yourself to joy, to fun, to play. Make “Fun in ‘21” your motto. Go on a date, create and be free. Why are you holding yourself back? You need to experience some juice and take a break from working hard.

Pisces: Your self-esteem and inner foundation can be re-vitalized now. You are feeling a little better, more hopeful, more powerful and this eclipse can be a marker for you. Your relationship to your family and even your home can be remodeled, or renewed. This is a big marker of opportunity. Re-think your way to positive change.

Art by @maysgrfx

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