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New Moon in Aquarius – 1/21/23 12:53pm pst

"There are doors

that want to be free

from their hinges to

fly with perfect clouds.”

-Richard Brautigan

Welcome to Aquarius Season- which enters 2023 with a bang featuring a “celebration” of all planets in the solar system in direct motion (Uranus is SD on 1/22) the Lunar New Year, and a midpoint between the current set of eclipses.

Sun and Moon join Venus and Saturn in Aquarius and we are reminded now of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction of 2020, the “great conjunction” as it is called, happening once every 20 years. This one also was the “Mutation” into a new age of “Air.”

That is, for the next 200 years (approx.) we will have Saturn and Jupiter conjunctions in Air element signs- signaling a social/humanistic focus from Earth to Air.

From (let’s hope) materialism into idealism- "the metaphysical view that associates reality to ideas in the mind rather than to material objects."

I find Aquarius a curious sign-although classified as fixed air, its symbol is the water bearer, a youth pouring out waters. Its glyph is two wavy parallel lines, which could be water or energy and its Tarot card is The Star, featuring also a woman or youth simultaneously pouring water into a stream and the earth, perhaps representing the beauty of sharing our inspiration and gifts with others.

Aquarius has long been associated with both detachment and service, and features traditional and modern planetary rulers, which are Saturn and Uranus respectively.

These two energies blend to create structures (Saturn) that potentially do not represent old or hierarchal formations but are created along the line of egalitarian and free (Uranus) organizing factors.

Aquarius expresses as both a social idealist and a rebel, separated from the need for traditional structures of safety and security. Aquarius fits out, rather than “in” to groups.

My Mother would say “Aloof Aquarius.” With strong Aquarius in a chart, we find the need to express ourselves in unique and often progressive ways, in service to the de-personalized needs for futuristic ideals in belonging to community and groups, which are essential for strongly Aquarian folks. In this Aquarian age, the collective yearning is for unique-ness, the more special and different and rebellious the better, as well as for the society to be inclusive enough for recognition and acceptance of it!

The theme of idealism is emphasized now, as we have our annual New Moon in Aquarius with Pluto only a few degrees from the lunation and just months away from its ingress. This brings up Pluto’s next 20 year wrecking ball project in Aquarius- which may include transformation and social reconstruction of technology- especially social media, AI, crypto-currency and NFT values, virtual reality, space and space travel, industrial globalization, social philosophy and ideals, education and more.

You will see these themes in the news too- As above so Below!

Jupiter makes a lovely sextile to our New Moon also- which is a feeling of expansive progression, like we are finally “on our way” However difficult or painful the situation we may be in, and this presence of Plutonic death and difficulty is REAL- there is a sense of hope present, and we can find answers in the new, the progressive, perhaps in a technological breakthrough now.

Focus on visualizing the future and seed the fertile ground of your life with your dreams of the “Emerald City” of hope. Uranus disposits the Moon is close to the North Node still, our FUTURE is built step by step on sustainable values. Be a master gardener in your life! Cultivate the garden of your mind!

This is the time for New Moon wishes, for goals, for petitions for the gods, for prayers, for Magick of all sorts. Where you have Aquarius in your chart is where the Magick can manifest most effectively.

Read below for factors the New Moon will most impact by Sun and Ascendant. Makes wishes here for the most impact.

Aries-Friends, Groups, Community and General Hope.

Taurus-Career, Direction, Status, Next Steps

Gemini-Learning, Travel, Legal Issues, Development

Cancer-Receiving Loans/Bonuses and Settling Debts, Intimacy

Leo- Partnering of all Kinds. Loving others.

Virgo- Work, Health, New Habits, Pets

Libra- Love, Joy, Creativity, Children

Scorpio-Home, Family, Self Esteem

Sagittarius- Communication, Learning, the Mind, Siblings

Capricorn- Real Estate, Money, Personal Resource Development.

Aquarius- Body, Health, Energy and Self Promotion.

Pisces- Healing, Therapy, Spiritual growth, Creative Inspiration.

Happy New Moon!



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