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New Moon in Aquarius 2.11.21 11:06 am pst

Sabian Symbol: A person turning their back on their passions; teaches deep wisdom from experience The Insight: Conquering one’s base nature. Changing through maturing realizations. Reforming one’s ways. Being an example so others might learn. Turning your back on what went before. The Caution: Giving up on emotional growth. Dissatisfied with life. Dropping society. Sticking to things no longer useful. Stubborn refusal to move forward. Addictions.* All New Moon’s seed energetic and archetypal themes into our consciousness and this particlar one presents the very important Aquarian “work” of the collective, now prevalent in almost all aspects of our lives. This is the current zeitgeist. We ask ourselves what part we can and DO play in the experience of others. What is our current responsibility not just to ourselves but to each other? The waves of understanding possible now make use of this idea. Do we really make a difference in the world? Are our particular and unique attributes necessary for the delicate and interdependent cycles of life? What is the effect of ONE person on the ALL? Supported by 6 planets (including the wisdom loving Pallas Athene) in Aquarius this lunation is very strong. The Sun and Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn all put their particular talents to use for the whole. We can think and communicate (Mercury) along the lines of attracting co-operation and inter relatedness in our diversity ( Venus) for the aim of creating socially just (Jupiter) organizations and laws ( Saturn) The Sun is our leadership and the Moon the people. The stage is set for great things, IF we make the right choices. Mars and Uranus in Taurus sit in square angle to this grouping prodding and provoking the grouping in Aquarius. There are always opposing points, those who do not agree or desire change, sharing, peace or co-operation.. Some just want to watch the world burn. Less than a week after this lunation, Saturn and Uranus will have their first of three showdowns this year- great forces of change and the beginning of new cycles blow into our awareness. If you have planets, angles, or points in the last degrees of the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and of course Aquarius you may be galvanized into action-or pushed into taking a stance. Try not to get riled up or instigated into patterns that are destructive or rash. Use energies for positive and productive endeavors. You can re-birth your resources, your relationships, your creative endeavors, your friends. Much progress is possible. The theme couldn’t be clearer, what is the great WORK of our organizations now? Is it to help everyone achieve equity in the whole? Is it to hoard or lord assets and resources over others? Aquarius shows us the way. The work of the leaders, the governments, the powerful should always be to serve the greater needs of people, the land, and the group. But-before this happens, chaos is present.This energy CAN be magickal, or harnessed remember, it also is freedom. We have choices to make personally now. If we make them correctly, we can harness the energy of change and use it to direct our futures into the stuff of dreams. Write down your wishes this new Moon, do some intention setting, focus on your future, on progress. Much can be accomplished with first your desire, then your action. Here is a small ritual to do on the New Moon: Intention Setting Moon Ritual Prepare your personal temple-space by setting items on your table/altar to symbolize the elements; for water, a shell or cup of water, for earth, a stone or crystal, a candle for fire and sage or incense for air.. Light the sage/incense and smudge yourself and the four directions (Clockwise from East). Take your candle and light it, put it on a plate. Look deeply into the candlelight and focus your thoughts, emotions and will. Say aloud “ As this candlelight burns, so does the light inside of me, as this flame burns, do my body, mind, heart and spirit align themselves and become one” As you do this ritual, you may hold your stone or crystal and speak “ By the Power of this stone/crystal, I invite healing, self-love and protective energy to come into my body, heart and mind, to create comfort and joy, knowing I am connected always to the great divine” Write down your intentions now for this new Moon, focusing on desires for positive change in your personal life and the collective, on egalitarian and mutually beneficial outcomes for all. Let your candle burn itself out (safely) or burn for at least 15 minutes while you hold the thoughts of your desires, hope, joy, and healing in your mind. So Be it! * Sabian insight from Lynda Hills Sabian Oracle Art unknown Edit Add Photos/Videos

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