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New Moon in Aries: Sunday April 11th 7:30pm PDT “The Courage to Change”

“God (dess) grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And the Wisdom to know the difference”

-Serenity Prayer

Happy New Moon!

This lunation is bursting in to the collective with the fiery spark of a Big Bang!

Where you may have felt stuck earlier in the year, now there is the initiatory fuel for your inspired goals and quests.

This is the very first new Moon lunation in the Astrological new year and therefore important not just in this 28 day or so window, but in the entire Zodiacal Year.

What you “plant” now has many months to grow and develop.

Today the Moon begins a new cycle and moves from the dark waning to ever bright waxing.

As she does, she conjoins with the degree of the Sun, symbolically conceiving the new.

The Sun ( Personality and Ego) and Moon (Soul and Instinctive needs) join Mercury (Thinking, Communicating),Venus (Relating), Chiron (Healing and Helping), Eris (Disrupting) and Ceres (Nourishing/Feeding). These planets energetic forces all are ready for a RE-SET!

Mars rules or disposits the fiery line up and is in harmony via sextile with Moon and Venus. Relating and cooperating is key to getting what we want now, and I think we will find it.

Even though there is a great push for many of us to be focused on getting what WE want, we find that listening to and working with others is essential to our success. Jupiter in Aquarius also supports this factor, it is in looking to what is best for the majority that our personal work or creativity can shine back to us. Try and give your personal best without strings attached now.

Pluto in Capricorn stands, in late degree as the lone sentinel against moving forward easily. It presses us as we look in to the shadow and see our fear. We cannot change our past experience, but we CAN re-frame difficulties with meaning. We can use this energy as fuel too, for developing courage, which does not exist if not for fear, for learning the wisdom of acknowledging the Mystery in life, for empowering ourselves and seeing our ability to co-create our lives with this “mystery” and take back our minds, directing ourselves in to new directions and attracting the things we want for ourselves.

This Sunday or Monday write down 5-10 wishes around the theme of manifesting change in an any area of your life you wish to alter. If you know your Astrological chart, look to where this lunation ( Aries 22 degrees) lies for a clue in to the best place to start. In my own chart it’s in my 3rd but basically conjoined with my IC (cusp of the fourth house). I am working on self-esteem, new directions for my career, new books to write as well as healing and re-working family and ancestral karma!

Here is my go to ritual for self-healing and self-love.

Self-Love Intention Setting Moon Ritual

Place a shell, or other representative for water, a stone or crystal of your choice for earth, a candle for fire and sage or incense for air on your table/altar.

Light the sage/incense and smudge yourself and the four directions

(Start from the East).

Take your candle and light it, put it on a plate and scatter salt all around it,

Look deeply into the candle light and focus your thoughts, emotions and will.

Say aloud

“ As this candle light burns, so does the light inside of me, as this flame burns, do my body, mind, heart and spirit align themselves and become one”

As you do this ritual, you may hold your shell and stone/crystal and say

“ By the Power of water and earth, I invite healing. self love and protective energy to come into my body, heart and mind, to create comfort and joy, knowing I am connected always to the great divine”

Let the candle burn itself out or burn for at least 10 minutes while you hold the thought of hope, joy and healing in your mind.

So Be it!

Moon Blessings,


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